Most Romantic Places to Visit in Canada

With its abundant natural beauties, the stunning cosmopolitan cities and their charming outskirts Canada is a home to some of the most popular romantic destinations of the world. Here I have jotted down a list of the places in Canada that instigate romance and seem to be structured with special attention of Cupid!

Quebec City – This is probably the most romantic place of Canada as well as of the world. With its glorious past and the pure European nature the place happens to be a favorite one among the tourists, and especially among honeymoon couples. The famous Breakneck stairs,(though the name is not at all romantic) which has been a part of the city since 1635, gives you an opportunity to get a little more romantic while going down the 59 steps together and holding each other tightly. The romantic cafés, luxurious hotels, sexy lounges – the urban escape is all set to pamper you with its age old buildings and renowned city streets; what you need to do is just to step in!

Cape Breton – Well, this is probably the best place to spend your dream holiday with your partner. Holidaying in Cape Breton is all about you and your partner, spending some quality time amidst the serenity of this quite island. Just forget about your laptop and cell phone and enjoy the breathtaking scenario of the place. Fresh seafood, cozy pub booths, and the simple country charm is all that make your vacation even more special. The luxurious cottages, offering delicious world cuisine, among the peaceful surroundings – Cape Breton serves to be a perfect destination for anniversary trips  or a valentine weekend trip or even for a romantic honeymoon!

Niagra Falls – Canada is proud of being home to this world famous mesmerizing waterfall. Though the town was initially a bit shabby, due to the recently built up casinos it has got its own specialties. Whether you want to enjoy the picturesque beauty of the falls or you are in the mood to indulge in some naughty activities the hotels and the casinos are all set to meet your demands. The scenic beauties and the urban landscape cater to a number of honeymoon couples as well as casual romantic couples every year.

Lake Louise, Alberta – Well if you are more into enjoying the placid waters of the lake from your hotel room itself, this is the ideal place to halt at. Lake Louise has been considered as one of the top honeymoon destinations of the world as it is isolated, cozy, and serene and offers breathtaking sceneries. Though you can go any time of the year, you’ll get it at it is best if visited in fall and spring as you can avoid the winter ski visitors and the summer bus crowds. It is advised to hire the service of a car rental company to enjoy the place at its best.

Heart’s Delight — Located on the Trinity Bay the place does complete justice to its name with the extensive ocean views and leisurely rural living. With the little population of 650 people the little village serves to be an ideal romantic place, allowing you to get engrossed completely in your beloved.

Well, so these are some of the most popular romantic places of Canada. You’ll get lots of car rental services in Canada. If you are staying at Brampton, don’t worry. Car rental in Brampton for example is easily available and is famous for their assured services.

Author’s Bio: Adam Wilson is a famous writer. In this article he describes the most romantic places in Canada.

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