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The aviation sector has undergone drastic change since the invention of airplane. The air travel industry has strategically converted this invention into one of the most lucrative transportation medium of the world. The wide-scale popularity of air transportation has encouraged various public and private enterprises to invest in this sector and reap monetary profits. Customer satisfaction and consistent performance are the key factors that are critical to the success of an airline service. The domestic air routes of India are the target market for a number of national and international airline services. Mumbai to Jaipur flights are one of the numerous cost-efficient airlines criss-crossing Indian skies uninterruptedly.

Mumbai is the capital of Maharashtra. It is popular as the financial capital of India. The thrust of this city in commercial as well as administrative activities throughout the country is incomparable. The erstwhile name of this city was Bombay. The local population of this city comprises of people from different states of the country. The common folk are quite friendly and easy-going in nature. The city is famous as Bollywood too because it serves as the unofficial hub of Indian film industry. Mumbai has a large number of job opportunities to offer.

Mumbai International airport is known as Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport. This airport is the biggest airport of entire state. Hence it handles a huge amount of air traffic pertaining to both national and international domain. The airport consists of five terminals that help in well-management of the air traffic pouring in. This airport has been ranked as one of the best airports worldwide in one of the recently conducted polls. Credit for this honor goes to its perfection in terms of its organized administration.

The pink-hued walls of Jaipur city were colored this way in honor of your majesty of Britain Royal House visiting this city. The intricate stonework and glasswork that is visible on the mesmerizing palaces of that one gets to visit on Jaipur tour are appreciated worldwide for their royal appeal. The title of “Pink City” has been given in memory of that gesture of hospitality of Jaipur.  The skilled craftsmen and innovative visionaries have contributed in the creation of excellent architecture gallery that this place has become. This city is most popular tourism destination among foreign tourists. It is not just the architecture but the colorful local handloom has also attained global fame. The rich culture and royal traditions invite tourists from all over the world to witness the premium royal gala of India.

Mumbai to Jaipur flights ticket can be easily booked by the help of online travel portals. Being such a prominent city has made it official capital of Rajasthan state. The Hindu royal vigor is best reflected in sparkling stonework of castles and palaces situated here. This has played a great role in maintaining and highlighting the tourism paradise that this place is. The vegetarian palate and desserts of this area are known worldwide for its delicious flavor. The multi-flavored local cuisine is another tourism attraction of this place.  About 49 flights are available on a weekly basis for Mumbai to Jaipur route. The first flight takes off at 5:35 AM by IndiGo. Last flight takes off at 8:10 PM by IndiGo.

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