Must to See Places in City of London

London is place which either you will love it or hate it, not just like it or don’t like it. I believe it is all about the nature of a person; it is not that London offers activities for just a single mindset people but it is more of expectations that decide how you rate the city. Without any doubt the most talked about city around the world has been London, even more than Babylon some say. In fact Benjamin Disraeli went that far to call London as the modern Babylon. There is a famous quote by Samuel Johnson, “When a man is tired of London, he is tired of life; for there is London all that life can afford”. I wouldn’t go that far in saying about the thing about tired of life, but yes I have been in London and one cannot possibly get bored of the place. This city has to offer some amazing activities for any age. It is a tourist place so it is not like the city comes alive on weekends; the city is alive every single day of the year.

If you had a chance to see my previous articles, I have written on many of my personal experiences of travelling and I would go that far to say that the trip to London was best of them all till yet. I was worried before going there if I will get good sights for photography but my friends who have been there before told me, and since they have been there before, knew I will love it and I did. Two years have passed and the photography I did there are still selling for me. I myself for my interior décor of living room got an image of London Eye printed on a canvas print display package. The image was taken at night and was my best seller. London being the capital city of UK has all the important places in terms of Palaces and Governmental building. The buildings are having unique architecture and some amazing outlook. When in central London you get glimpse of New York when you are in between high rise buildings and at some place in London you feel as if it is 1940s. The city has been so well maintained that I wondered how and when do they clean it and I am sure when you are there, you will wonder about this as well.

Few of the must see places in London are:

  • Tower of London

It is basically a historic castle on River Thames and was better known as Her Majesty’s Royal Palace and Fortress. This building was founded a little less than a century ago in 1066. This building was used as royal residence in the beginning but also served as a prison. The sight was opened to tourist in 1669 and now there is a museum there as well which show case crown jewels as well. There is usually great amount of rush there and one has to get a ticket to get in. You get to see the Royal Guards and a chance to get a photograph with them as well.

  • National Maritime Museum

The museum is believed to the largest of all Maritime museums around the world. There are more than 2 million objects at display here and gives insight of some amazing events of the past. You can easily get there by train or bus service.

  • Victoria and Albert Museum

If you are a lover of art and designs, you are up for a treat. The museum is considered to be the largest to have on display items of art and designs nature. At first it was known as ‘Museum of Manufacturers’.

  • Madame Tussauds

You cannot afford to miss this museum. The place is magnificent and showcases some amazing live looking was statues of celebrities and noted people from the history. Special environment and background for each statue has been fabricated to give it real touch. You may want to go there twice.

  • Science Museum


The best thing about it or should I say moral thing about it is that they don’t charge you a ticket to enter. The museum have on display more than 300,000 items in which there is first jet engine, DNA model by Francis Crick and then there is a 3D cinema for showing different documentaries about science and technology.

  • Natural History Museum

This museum is all about nature and subjects like botany and zoology. More than 70 million specimens are believed to be on display here at the museum. There is also a prize specimen by Charles Darwin here at display. There is also a library here but one has to inform the authorities and get appointment.

  • London Eye

A giant Ferris wheel and it is the same one that I have in my living room on a large size photo print. The ride is of 30 minutes and there is a great rush for people wanting to get on it. I will advise to book in advance if you don’t want to get disappointed.

  • Tate Modern

It is one of the most visited modern art gallery and it is believe that more than 4 million people visit the gallery each year. The art specimen on display here are from 1500 to date. The amazing thing about it is that it is has 7 floors but the top floor is 6th when you are riding in a lift. It is because it is numbered from 0-6!!!

These locations are must to see as they will tell you some amazing history of the British Empire and the UK itself. If you love the subject of history and studying cultures and traditions you would not like to miss these points.

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