National Parks in Australia to be visited

There are many national parks inAustralia, but the national parks which must be visited by every visitor are as follows:

Blue Mountains National Park

This national park is situated outside ofSydney, and is visited by more than 3 million people every year. This national park comprises some of the incredible landscapes ofAustralia. This park constitutes hazy blue forests, chiseled sandstone outcrops and other fantastic landscapes to look for.

Freycinet National Park

Freycinet is characterized by its fantastic bays, gorgeous white sand beaches, stunning granite mountains and is an awesome destination for bird lovers. TheWineglassBayis no doubt a beautiful place with its white sands and pristine blue water which will impress you and please you to visit it again and again.

Kosciuszko National Park

It is regarded as one of the world’s largest national park, as it covers 690,000 hectares of land and is the best to visit during winters to experience the best slopes in Australia( skiers flocking here)

Kakadu National Park

Kakadu tours are the most popular tours as it offers elegant biodiversity, unforgettable natural beauty. The landscapes of this region are too beautiful that it can’t be described into words.KakaduNational Parkis contrasted with lowland hills, forest habitats and sandstone escarpments which makes it the best place to be visited atleast once.

Great Sandy National Park

GreatSandynational park is characterized by rainforests, beaches, swamps, mangrove forests, giant sand dunes. Here you can enjoy the activities like camping, walking etc. You can enjoy here in all seasons. This national park is rich in flora and fauna.

Cradle Mountain National Park

This park offers incredible landscapes, rugged mountains, beech forests and ancient rain forests, glacier lakes. Observing these all features will never let you forget this park

Litchfield National Park

It is situated at the top end of Australiaand is 100 kms far from south-west of Darwin. LitchfieldNational parkis rich in lush woodlands, stunning plunge pools and termite mounds. Explore Greenant Creek, WalkerCreek, FlorenceFalls, WangiFallsand Tabletop Swamp etc. Litchfield tours are the most popular tours as it is really an incredible place.

Author Bio: I am David Jacob working with travel north. These park is in Northern Territory will expose you to explore rich culture and lifestyle of Australia. Discover here the incredible landscapes of the past, elegant flora and fauna, unique colors and unforgettable geology.

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