New York – The Big Apple

While we are most definitely going to spoil your visit to NYC, it is important to point the obvious: if you’ve never been to New York City, you absolutely need to do so as soon as possible. This isn’t just because of the fact that it has the best pizza in the world or because you will have the chance to close down the bar at 4 AM. It’s because the city itself is going to change you.

Getting to the city that never sleeps is now easier than ever. With direct flights from hundreds of destinations, finding cheap flights to New York is easy. Once you get there, there are so many things to do that it’s absolutely impossible to encapsulate them in a list. However, taking a look at some of them wouldn’t hurt, right?

Empire State Building

The name alone says quite a lot. This is New York City’s icon, a world renowned icon. The classic architecture makes it one of the most characteristic buildings in the entire world. This 102-sotry building is something that you must most definitely take a look at. And, to make matters even better, you should go atop the observatory deck. From there you will have a view of up to 130 kilometres. Just hope that it’s not foggy, even though NYC shrouded in clouds is also particularly breath taking.

The Statue of Liberty

Of course, this is without a doubt another must-see in NYC. Featured in many movies, the statue represents that political freedom as well as the transparency of the democracy which has governed the country for as long as it has existed. And, being so important, it most certainly needs to be taken a look at. What is more, it’s plainly impressive, and even if you don’t care about history, this remains one of the most expressive and impressive sights on the planet.

NYC’s Central Park

Regardless of what people might think, New York City is the greenest city in the entire country of the USA. That’s thanks to incredible Central Park and to a wide range of other green spaces within the city itself. Taking a walk in Central Park is one of the things that you need to take advantage of – just to chill after a day of sightseeing. This immense park sits in the middle of Manhattan as is definitely a must-see feature in this amazing city.

In any case, there are quite a lot of different things apart from those that you can easily take advantage of. New York really does have a lot to offer. However, these are your musts if you decide to visit, which you most certainly should. At the same time, you need to make sure that you visit Times Square, Madison Square Garden, museums in the entire city, Broadway and a lot more. There is no shortage of things that you can do here if that’s what you are worried about – you will always have something interesting to do.

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