Organising a Highly Entertaining Campervan Holiday

Going on a road trip with your motorhome is just like taking any sort of vacation; the right planning is needed so that you have the most fun while touring. When it comes to renting this mobile accommodation and then planning your itinerary, you’ll need to think about a few important factors that are unique to this type of holiday. Here are some handy techniques that you can use.

Rent a Slightly Larger Campervan

While you may think that you will need enough sleeping space for everyone travelling, remember that you’ll be stuck in the same compact space for the entire time. Thus, it is a good idea to rent a vehicle with an extra bed. Not only will this give you somewhere else to relax while parked but the larger interior will also make it less cramped and will hopefully also feature added storage space.

Let Everyone Plan the Itinerary

When planning your journey, get everyone together and figure out where you want to go. Working together like this ensures that people are happy with the arranged itinerary. Follow these steps to work out a plan everyone will be happy with:

  1. Open a map of the area you wish to visit and note down all local attractions.
  2. Do some added research about anything of interest in that region.
  3. Create a list of all destinations that people wish to visit.
  4. Order each location of interest, lining them up along the route you’ll take.
  5. If possible, leave time for detours to any attractions off this path.

Also remember to leave a few days spare so that you have some degree of flexibility. After all, you never know what you’ll stumble across when out there. By giving yourself a few days leeway with your campervan rental in Australia, you’ll then get the most out of your road trip. This added precaution will also ensure you can relax while on holiday, avoiding the necessity to rush to your next destination.

Cater to the Seasons

Since Australia is a huge country, the climate in each region can differ quite significantly. When planning your journey, you’ll need to take the weather into account. For example, you’ll need to think about the following regional facts:

  • In the north of the country, there are two seasons: wet and dry. If travelling from November to April, be prepared for heavy rain.
  • From July to September, the mountains across the NSW/Victoria border can experience snow. These areas can be hazardous thanks to slippery roads.

You should also be aware that the seasons will affect which wildlife you see. For example, you’ll need to travel between November and February to see wild turtles hatching in Queensland. Likewise, whale sharks spawn in March and April off the coast of Western Australia. This means that you’ll need to plan your trip around these seasonal changes so you then experience these amazing sights.

Pack All Essential Gear

Finally, make sure to bring along everything that you need. As well as important items such as clothing, toiletries and food, you’ll also require some entertainment. From high tech options such as portable televisions and MP3 players to more traditional choices like board games and playing cards, there is plenty to choose from. Just remember that any electronic gadgets will use the vehicle’s battery so you’ll need to stay at a powered campsite for these to be useful.

After all of this, you’ll then be ready to set off on an absolutely amazing adventure. With these initial considerations, you’ll be properly prepared to enjoy yourself on the open road in one of the most beautiful countries on Earth.

About the Author: Travel Car Centre is a company in Australia that offers rental vehicles to holidaymakers and tourists. You can choose a car, camper or campervan for hire in Melbourne or in other major cities across the country.

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