Out of This World RVs

The independence, privacy and affordability are some of the many reasons that attract vacationers to renting or buying RVs. From tent campers and conversion vans to full-sized motor coaches, the options are exhaustive. Over the years, innovative designers and manufacturers have created some of the most unique and unusual RVs on the planet.

The Opera Travel Trailer

Conceived by an architect from Belgium, the Opera Travel Trailer automatically pops-up and open to resemble the iconic opera house in Australia. However, do not let the tent-like qualities of the camper fool you. On the interior, users find a wealth of amenities that include electronically adjusted beds, hot and cold running water, a ceramic toilet, soft LED lighting and a barbecue. Manufactured using hardwoods, leather and stainless steel, the trailer sets up in minutes and additionally features a heater, wine cabinet and teak veranda.


Designed with off-road 4×4 enthusiasts in mind, the EarthRoamer vehicles consist of over-the-cab campers constructed on four-wheel drive truck chassis. Completely self-contained, the vehicles come in variable sizes ranging from 22.6 to 27.5 feet in length. Though lightweight and sturdy on the outside, the interiors boast quite the array of luxurious amenities. More like a condo on wheels, the plush living quarters feature hardwood cabinetry, leather seating and granite counter-tops. The RVs also boast HVAC systems, microwave ovens, king-sized beds and private bathrooms complete with showers.

Hotel on Wheels

Operated by a tour company based in Germany, the Rotels fleet of vehicles are a combination of tour bus and rolling hotel. Providing tours in Africa, Asia and Europe, the smallest of vehicles comfortably seats 24 passengers and comes equipped with 26 spacious sleeping berths. The bus/truck rolling super RVs contain a fully-equipped kitchen and one toilet. However, guests must wait for a stop at modernized campgrounds to bathe or do laundry.

Watercraft Sports King BoaterHome

The massive and unique looking vehicle provides outdoor fans with the best of both worlds, camping and boating. Though uni-bodied in appearance, the contraption is really a combination of a 28 foot, V-hulled, Sport King yacht contained within a Ford van and extended chassis. Manufactured in Ontario, Canada, the craft spans a total of 43 feet in length and sleeps four. Unloading the boat merely requires backing into the water, starting the vessel and backing it out. Initially introduced in the U.S. at the 1996 Miami International Boat Show, reportedly only 21 of the behemoth vehicles were made.

CAMI Terra Wind Amphibious Motorcoach

Designed and constructed by Cool Amphibious Manufacturers International in California, the motorcoach resembles any other ultra-elegant motor home rolling down the road. However, the vehicle comes equipped with land and water-based technology that provides campers with the option of enjoying time on land or fresh water lakes and rivers. The interior features all of the accoutrements that one might expect an RV of this caliber to contain. Polished teak wood, leather, granite and marble accompany plush carpeting, mirrors and lighting. The vehicle also contains residential-sized appliances and is customized according to the floor plan of choice.


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