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As one of the most active states in the U.S., Colorado is typically associated with a number of both summer and winter outdoor activities:


There are numerous trails along the Front Range that are great for a number of summer activities. Colorado has done a great job building a robust network of bike paths, which runners and bikers can take advantage of during the warmer seasons. Families are regularly seen riding together, and runners are often out hitting the pavement individually or in training groups as well. Though Colorado does get cold in the winter, denizens of Colorado are frequently training for some athletic event, so the bike paths are used daily throughout the year.

The foothills and mountains also house a network of hiking and mountain biking trails, some of which are groomed and well maintained, while others are a bit more rugged. There are trails for all activities — some that are flat and bear relatively smooth surfaces, and some that are more steep and bumpy. With this in mind, it is a good idea to research the trails you are planning to hike or bike, as there is a lot of great information about trail conditions and services or additional amenities available in the surrounding area. You should also always make sure you have the proper clothing on and enough snacks or water to keep you adequately fueled and hydrated during your activity.

Camping is another favorite summertime activity in Colorado. There are many public and private campgrounds that offer a wide variety of options for your camping experience, whether you’re staying in a tent, cabin or RV. Since camping is a favorite pastime among Coloradoans, make sure to plan your trip early as many places require reservations and the available spots go quickly once the reservation season is open.


The most obvious winter activities that Colorado is associated with are skiing and snowboarding. You can’t go wrong with your choice of ski resort, since each has its own character and highlights, but the one feature that unites them all is the fabulous snow. With the overall dry environment, the snow in Colorado is typically much drier than along the coastal mountain resorts. Everyone, of course, has their favorites but you can’t go wrong with the selection available in Colorado. One key item to keep in mind, however, is the cost of lift tickets. If you plan far enough in advance, you can get some great deals on lift tickets. Discount season passes are typically available from June through September or October, at which point they start increasing in price. There will be a couple price increases on these season passes, until the discount is no longer available in season. Ski season typically lasts from late November for the earliest opening resorts, to late Spring or early Summer for the resorts remaining open the latest.

Cross-country skiing and snowshoeing are also very popular activities in Colorado. Since these two activities frequently require less overall costs, locals invest in their equipment and set out on trails, either in the Front Range, foothills or mountainous areas. Outside of equipment/clothing costs, participating in these activities may require a park entrance fee (seasonal or one-time), however there are also many places that do not require any additional fees. Snowmobiling falls within this category, too, as there are many places to bring snowmobiles to enjoy open terrain.

One favorite activity of many locals is ice-skating. Naturally, there are, many ice arenas in Colorado. These are typically indoor and available year round, but finding open skate time can sometimes be difficult or very crowded. Many local communities have small outdoor rinks that the kids all flock to after school or on the weekends. What many people don’t realize, though, is there are a number of lakes available in the mountains that can freeze over and allow skating at little to no cost. Evergreen Lake is one of the largest lakes with Zamboni services in the United States. A portion of the lake covering 6 – 10 full sized skating rings are kept cleared for skaters of all ability.

No matter your preference for summer or winter, Colorado has no shortage of activities to keep you busy and enjoying the beautiful outdoors!

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