Packing Tricks for Travelling with Your Mates

If you are traveling with a group of matesyou should be prepared for the one of two things. You can have the time of your life, or end up wanting to murder your best friend. Group dynamics and relations are essential for these kinds of adventures, so don’t go with people you don’t have the best opinion of.

Your brilliant ideas might not always win the mates over, but be flexible and learn to enjoy the time. Only then will you find out why these majestic adventures arecalled manscapes, endeavors with many jaw-dropping delights.

The notorious packing

Avoid over-packing since it brings much stress. You can pack light as long as you don’t overlook the essentials. To get it right, create a packing list. Check the weather forecast and think about the duration of the trip. Even if you despise hats, traveling to a tropical Island without one will change your opinion fast.

Folding and piling clothes is not the most interesting job there is, but it will help you gain more space.  Put both daywear and nightwear in your suitcase. Usepacking trickslike stuffing your shoes with socks and other smaller items to save some space.

Stash your toiletries in a bag, and keep your valuables secure. Try not to mix your stuff with others, andbring your own toothbrush and toothpaste. Sharing doesn’t always meancaring.

Where to go?

The destination depends on your preferences and reasons for traveling. If you want to enjoy only the company of your mates, you could rent a cottage high up in the mountains and play cards all night. Or would you rather party all day on the beach, and sip cocktails while dozing off in your deck chair?

There are indeed many great guy getaways. You can’t go wrong with a trip to the seaside in summer.European destinations offer wild parties, incredible beaches, ancient ruins and medieval castles. You can go to elite night clubs in Berlin or chill out in the Amsterdam coffee shop scene and the red-light district.

Are you up for a reckless adventure in Thailand, where prostitution is legal and the liquor is cheap?Be my guest. Just don’t forget the right protection, and we can leave it to you to arm yourself with the right kind of protection – there are many types of condoms available for any crazy adventure you have in mind.

Be prepared, expect the unexpected

Make sure you are all on the same page with your mates before making plans, and it might just save your friendship. Whatever you do, don’t put off packing for several days, and then just carelessly stuff a load of irrelevant things in the first backpack you can find. You will be begging your best friends to lend you things you should have brought in the first place, and you will officially be the leech in the crew. Nobody wants to be the leech in the crew. Instead, create a packing list, so that you can be practical and light. Choose the destination by letting your collective destination guide you. Speak your mind, and learn to listen. You will be rewarded with male bonding at its best.

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