Pamper yourself with these holiday experiences

There is something special that makes each holiday place so worth to remember. There are also certain experiences that belong to a certain place and if you visit that place, you just have to pamper yourself and book for a lesson, a class or a tour. Let’s see which the most famous holiday experiences are. They might be a cliché, but are so worth the try.

Cooking in Vietnam ranks among the holiday experiences that you should have and enjoy.  Restaurants and cooking schools along Hoi An river banks in Vietnam are very popular among the tourists. They offer special classes where one can learn how to prepare tasty meals from the Vietnamese cuisine. The cooking tours can last for half a day or an entire day and they could be of various levels that match your cooking skills and knowledge. They usually start with a visit to the market where the ingredients are selected and go on with a cooking demonstration and explanation, ending with tasting of the meals.

The other experience that is worth the try is to take yoga classes in India. The place where yoga practice was invented is called Rishikesh, placed at the foot of the Himalayas. You will be able to experience complete relaxation through the practice of meditation, stretching and proper breathing. Yoga practices require more time and you will need to spend some time with the group for better results. If you plan to spend a holiday in Hawaii, then you must do some surfing. You can take lessons at one of the numerous surf schools and enjoy yourself as you learn how to stand and how to ride the wave. Beginners should pick either Puena Point or the Waikiki Beach.

I case Japan is the destination of your next holiday, then sign up for Japanese calligraphy lessons in Kyoto. You should remember though that calligraphy is a form of art, which is not easy at all to master. However, it could be a very rewarding practice that can teach you to be patient. If patience is not your strongest side, then head to the Shaolin Temple in China and take some Kung fu lessons. Classes are given at the old monastery in the mountains Song Shan. There, at the birthplace of this practice, you will take lessons from a monk tutors. Another great holiday experience to remember is mountain biking in Mt Tamalpais, north of San Francisco in the United States. There, at the birthplace of the mountain biking, one can enjoy great time riding. Many tour companies are offering mountain biking lessons and trips and there are numerous trails along oak woodlands to choose from. Trails could be easy or hard, gently sloping or very steeply, so you have to be prepared well.

If your passion are foreign languages and you want to learn Spanish for a long time, then go to Argentina. Of course you can always visit Spain itself, you should try Madrid apartments while you’re there. In the small town of Bariloche in Patagonia. There are concentrated many language schools with highly motivated international students. Lessons make room for trips as well, and there is plenty to see around.

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