Five Essential Points to Follow When Planning an Active Holiday

Whether it’s skiing, snowboarding, downhill biking, rafting or anything else across the board that gets you fired up, an active holiday packs a thrill like no other. However, in some respects it also constitutes a truly unique package of responsibility that must be fully understood to avoid outright holiday hell.

So by building on the trials and often the unfortunate errors of others, what follows are the top-five tips collated from industry experts when it comes to making the best of an active holiday and avoiding the most common pitfalls:

Always Check Your Luggage Allowances

Largely every airline, train company and bus service on the face of the Earth today has its own unique rules on baggage…just to make our lives as complicated as possible. Some offer room to maneuver and others are just plain evil when it comes to enforcing allowances. Fall for the latter and there’s a good chance you’ll be lumbered with hundreds of pounds in fees and fines to pay, or worse still they might refuse to carry your gear at all…and then you’re completely stuck.

Leave Loads of Extra Time

Time waits for no man and planes wait for no stragglers. Of course you intend to turn up on time, but you have to accept and remember that the more gear you have with you, the longer it will take you to get it all sorted and checked in. You have to assume that there will be hiccups along the way and these can be double when you’ve a shedload of gear to transport too, so don’t just leave extra time…leave loads of it!

Check Your Insurance for Activity Cover

On no holiday do you need insurance more than on an activity holiday…for fairy obvious reasons. Chances are you know this, but you might not know for sure whether or not you’re fully covered by your existing policy, or the one you plan to take out. Insurance policies are usually very specific when it comes to activities and if anything you’re planning to do isn’t covered, you might as well have no insurance at all…which is a risk not worth thinking about.

Take Multiple Copies of Important Documents

The more equipment you take and the more bags you have with you, the greater the chance of you losing something…something important. It’s so easy for things to go missing like your boarding cards, hotel vouchers or even your passports and driving licenses – you need to back up everything of importance to you with at least two or three photocopies in different places to fall back on.

Never Take What You Can’t Lose

And finally…as is a rule with most holidays…don’t ever take anything that’s truly irreplaceable and you couldn’t live without. Insurance can replace items and money etc., but when it comes to things that no money in the world could ever replace, you’re taking a risk by taking them away with you. This again counts for double when you’re planning to be active and taking more risks than the average holidaymaker – leave the really important stuff at home, if you can.

About Author: Shiela Flakes loves traveling both alone or with family and friends. Traveling gives her a breather from her tedious job as someone giving essay writing consulting at She hopes to travel more this year and write a book about it. Reach Shiela through her Google+.

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