Planning an Educational Tour For Your Students

As well as educating them; a successful educational tour can inspire and motivate your students. However, organizing the trip can be a complicated and stressful affair for the teacher. Here are some tips to help you minimize the pressure.
Once In a Lifetime
Although worldwide travel has improved and increased; many students will never have experienced the type of travel an educational tour can provide. Foreign trips are often combined with several exciting activities. For many, this is a once in a lifetime event that they will talk about for years to come. Specialist educational travel companies have a wealth of knowledge and expertise and can draw on a catalogue of destinations and activities to create a bespoke itinerary for your students. Educational travel companies work closely with a range of service providers every day, such as excursions, attractions and additional events. This gives them privileged access to bookings and preference on the best available prices.

Organizing an educational tour can be a challenge. One teacher will normally act as a group leader, taking responsibility for booking all accommodation, activities and transport including sea and air crossings. In addition, all transport has to be scheduled with the accommodation. Usually a tour will call for excursions to be booked and these would have to be arranged and equipment hired. Making these bookings separately can be very stressful, with the group leader having to deal with several different companies at once. Luckily educational travel companies exist and can help support teachers and group leaders with their arrangements.

In today’s risk adverse society, getting a school trip off the ground is now harder than ever. After several high profile cases of school trip tragedies; school authorities now know they will be held accountable in the event of a serious problem. Schools will ensure that group leaders carry out a thorough risk assessment before they allow trips to go ahead. The demands placed on group leaders to manage student safety and risk can make school visits very difficult to organise. Conscientious group leaders often take all of this responsibility on themselves. However, there is no need as companies exist that can organize bespoke trips within a risk managed, safe environment.

Dealing with large sums of money and several different companies can be complex. In addition, group leaders will also have to manage student finances and insurances. When choosing to book with an educational tour specialist, group leaders can take advantage of bespoke payment plans and feel secure in the knowledge the travel company is a member of the FTO and ATOL.

Remember Why You Are Doing It!
Education is about more than qualifications and educational achievement. Part of the teacher’s role as an educator is to bring new cultural experiences within the grasp of young people, encouraging them to grow morally as well as academically. Educational tours offer a fantastic mix of fun, culture and education activity which will inspire your students and enrich their education. Organizing an educational tour can be daunting, so when the going gets tough, try to remember why you are doing it!

Simon Yates is a teacher and travel writer. He is the veteran of several overseas school trips. He believes that companies such as offer a unique service to schools and teachers.

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