Planning Your First Island Vacation- Key Points!

Vacations are longed for when it has been long since last vacation, more so when you have a new kind of place in mind for this time. There could be nothing better than a break on island, especially when you have never been to one before. The first experience of sea caressing you, the smooth sand beneath feet tickling and massaging the skin the way it is not possible by any other means are some of the things no one can escape experiencing once on place like Solomon Islands. Diving is another fun activity that people who are interested in it can try if they have not already. Doing it with partners and friends adds to the fun of it. These are the usual things one bound to feel on an island vacation, but there are certain things one should be looking at while planning them.

Get an idea on that planning below.


If you are a sea enthusiast, any island would do. However, if you would like to have experience of other things as well on an island vacation, then start you island search likewise. There are some islands that are well known for their underwater life but others do not have vast treasures of that. Hence, divers would like to choose accordingly. There are other such options like local tribes, hiking, endemic wildlife, history, etc among the additions you can choose to add to the experience of island vacation. For example, Solomon Islands are visited for their role in the Second World War exhibited by war wrecks, memorials, etc. A thriving marine life is another lure for which tourists go there time and again.

Material management

The unlimited fun of which sea becomes the source can sometimes backfire, like if you forget to bring your sun block cream. Similarly, there are other things that should never be forgotten on such a trip. Make a checklist of all these things and keep it marking until all are in place. Some of them could be-

  • Sundresses and/or pant suits
  • Swim wears
  • A hat
  • Extreme sport cover in case wind surfing, sky diving, scuba diving is on mind
  • Medicines and vaccination record
  • Mosquito repellant cream
  • Boredom busters like book, playstation, mp3 player, etc
  • International driving license
  • Important traveling and identity documents
  • Toiletries
  • Emergency medications like motion sickness, allergy, pain relievers, nausea, etc

Accommodation Booking

Pre-booking is a great relief if a trip has to be kept problem free, the same is the case with island vacation. Make some prior research and book a resort in Solomon Islands, if this is where you are planning to spend your first island holiday. Make sure the stay place has all the facilities and features you are looking for. Do not forget to checkout reviews at popular review websites. If it is not there,, it is most likely not a place to choose to stay.

Another great way to tour many islands on one trip is to take a cruise which also solves the issue of booking a resort separately. This could be tried at archipelago like Solomon Islands, Caribbean Islands, and many others.

Other than those mentioned above, things to be considered might include golf, casinos, dining options, shopping, nightlife, spa and budget.

So, where are you heading for your first vacation near the sea?

About Author: Zeff Austin is a traveller who loves exploring new places. Zeff also loves sharing his experiences and tips and tricks to make vacations enjoyable and safer. Here, he is sharing his experience on Solomon Island trip and advices how you can have a comfortable stay and booking in a resort in Solomon Islands.

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