Pro Packing Guide for Midweek Breaks

Are you planning a midweek getaway? Whether you’re travelling upcountry, to the beach, or to the busiest shopping districts of London, packing the right combination of clothes, technology, and accessories can drastically improve your trip.

This pro packing guide covers five essential tactics for saving space and cutting fees on your next midweek break. If you’re tired of heavy suitcases and endless packing, give one – or all five – a try on your next midweek break.

Pack the essentials before you pick your accessories

It’s easy to fill your suitcase with optional extras – things like hair dryers, watches, and other fashion accessories – leaving little space for important clothing or travel documents.

Instead of packing the extras first, fill your suitcase with the essentials – clothing, an extra pair of shoes, guidebooks, and – if travelling internationally – your passport, to avoid wasting space on optional extras.

Prioritise quick-drying, low maintenance clothing

If you’re travelling on a busy schedule, you’ll need to choose clothes that offer a mix of fashionable style and optimum function. This means clothing that requires little in the way of maintenance – ironing, pressing, and other preparation.

As nice as it may be to travel with a slick blazer or beautiful dress, choosing clothes that you can pick up, put on, and spend little time preparing will save you time that could be spent visiting attractions.

Use clothing as a replacement for bulky carry cases

Are you travelling with a camera? How about a laptop computer? Lots of devices are sold with bulky carry cases that prevent bumps and bruises, but are just as secure in a wrapped up shirt or towel.

Instead of bringing a large carry case for your camera or a thick leather bag for your laptop computer, try storing your gadgets inside a towel in your suitcase. Sunglasses – another item often stored in a bulky case – can be securely stored inside a sock.

Suits? Coats? Blazers? Roll them up to avoid wrinkles

Will you be visiting a high-end restaurant on your trip? Are you travelling to attend a wedding, funeral, or other event where formal dress is expected? Keeping a suit in good condition can be difficult when all you have is a small suitcase or travel bag.

Thankfully, it’s easy to avoid wrinkling your blazer or sports jacket while on the go using a simple roll-up trick. Flight attendants and pilots have rolled their clothes for years to avoid wrinkles and maximise suitcase space.

Use a packing checklist to avoid leaving items behind

Nothing is worse than arriving at your destination without an important outfit or travel accessory. One of the best ways to avoid leaving important items at home is by creating a packing checklist that includes your top ten most vital items.

Add your essential items to the list – things like travel documents, hotel bookings, and air or train tickets – and check them off as they’re packed. Once you’ve packed the essentials, add other items to the list and check them off as they’re in your bag.

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