Quinta do Lago’s fantastic golf course range


When you go on holiday you want to go to a resort which has world class facilities. Quinta do Lago is a holiday resort set in the heart of the Algarve that can truly offer this. There are many reasons to go and visit Quinta do Lago ranging from its amazing climate to the wonderful range of restaurants the resort contains. However Quinta do Lago is world renowned for the portfolio of golf courses it possesses. If luxurious golf courses are what you desire from your vacation then Quinta do Lago is perfect for you. Read this article to find out more about the golf courses you can enjoy at Quinta do Lago.

North and South Course:

Quinta do Lago’s most famous two courses are the North and South course. These are Quinta do Lago’s two oldest courses, but nonetheless are still fantastic courses in their own right.

The North course was first designed in 1974 and initially opened with 9 holes on offer. The courses’ first 9 holes proved to be that popular that another 9 holes were added to it in 1989. The North course (like all Quinta do Lago golf courses) is famous for its beautiful scenery which make for an amazing round of golf.

The North course is one that demands precision over power, although power is always a plus. Bunkers and other hazards are aplenty on this technically demanding course providing a top challenge to a good level of golfers. The North course is slightly less difficult than the South course so this would prove a good start for anybody wanting a challenge.

Golf courses are what Quinta do Lago

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South Course:

This course is the pinnacle of Quinta do Lago’s golf course portfolio. The South Course has held the prestigious Portuguese Open tournament eight times already in its history as a course showcasing its pedigree. The last time the course held the Portuguese Open was in 2001. The course is truly known as one of Europe’s finest courses if not the world.

The South course is filed with immaculate fairways that are complimented by some of the best views you will see at any golf course in the world. Located alongside the Ria Formosa lagoon this course is paired with a fantastic coastline that is truly picturesque. However being next to the coast also means far more challenging winds that can ruin a good score for the round. Beware of these when on a hole with lofty tee shots as you may experience a very wayward shot!


Laranjal is one of the newest courses on offer at Quinta do Lago having only recently opened in 2009. However it is a fantastic course that has already won numerous awards. This beautiful course is set in the Ludo Valley which used to be an orange grove. This course is set 2 kilometres east of the main Quinta do Lago resort and is a par 72.

Along the course is five lakes that are truly mesmerising to play alongside. With a wide range of trees to take in as you go around the course this is yet another beautiful course that Quinta do Lago has to offer.

San Lorenzo:

Although this course is not directly owned by the Quinta do Lago resort it is still nonetheless a fantastic course located within close proximity. You may miss out on the best tee times if you are not staying at the hotel, but you can still book it anyway. Known as yet another fantastic landscape in the Algarve San Lorenzo is a golf course you will want to try.

Golf courses are brilliant on holiday.

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Pinheiros Altos:

This is an amazing course that offers you a fantastic 27 holes. This course is set on the Quinta do Lago estate, but owned privately by the Ria Formosa Hotel. The course is one of the oldest on the estate and therefore most established. The course is set out in three separate circuits known as the Oliveiras, Pinheiros and the Sobreiros. The holes throughout the course are along luxury scenery and make for a wonderful course to play on.


Golf courses are what Quinta do Lago does best. If you desire to play on fantastic courses whilst on holiday look no further than Quinta do Lago.

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