Raising The Funds to Cruise Your Way Around The Caribbean

Have you always dreamed of going on a Caribbean cruise, but never thought you could afford it? There are ways that you can raise funds to enable you to have the trip of a lifetime.

Firstly, make sure the cost of your cruise is the lowest possible price that you can get to begin with. Book early, as much as eighteen months in advance, because many tour operators offer early booking brochure discounts. These can include some hefty discounts.

Take a holiday when others can’t, such as out of season and you’ll get a better price.

Haggle with your tour operator or travel agent. Don’t be afraid to ask for extras. Perhaps mention that as you are booking so early, you may be eligible for a cabin upgrade. If you’re planning to travel with friends, make your bookings together and then ask if you qualify for a discount as you are making two (or more) bookings at once.

Once you have the cost of your cruise as low as possible, it’s time to raise the funds to pay for it!

Make the most of your savings. If you already have some money put by, transfer it to a high interest account. If you book your holiday early, you’ll need to pay a deposit but the full balance won’t become due until a maximum of 16 weeks before you travel, giving your savings time to accrue interest and bumping up your holiday fund.

Some people take out loans to cover costs, and this can be an excellent way of affording your holiday whilst enabling you to pay the cost over a period of time rather than having to raise the cash before you can book.

Consider taking on a part time job or doing odd jobs for friends and neighbours. Identify you skills and then find a way to make money from them. If you’re good at baking and it’s coming up to Christmas, offer to make Christmas cakes and puddings then sell them at a reasonable cost. If you can sew, make simple items such as pillowcases and sell them online. Www.etsy.com is a worldwide website allowing you to create an account and then sell your handmade items.

Scout around your house for items you no longer use, and then list them for sale on online auction sites. China, named clothing and electronics tend to sell well.

Trade in your old mobile phones for cash. If your old mobile is sitting in a drawer doing nothing, even £10 is better than nothing and for something you will never us again it will help to boost your holiday budget.

Finally, consider asking for vouchers for birthday or Christmas gifts. Once you have booked your cruise and know which company you will be travelling with, ask friends and relatives for vouchers towards that company. Most holiday companies now sell gift vouchers and will be pleased to advise you on how to buy them.

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