Reason You Need To Visit Georgia At Least Once

There are many places you can go to in your lifetime. But many of us will perhaps not make it to all the places we want to visit. But if you are making a list of your top places to go to, here is why you should have Georgia in it:


  1. Ushguli

    This is Europe’s highest village. It resides up in Caucasus Mountains, 2,200 meters above sea level, sitting at the foot of Mount Shkhara. This place is famous for the medieval defensive towers connected to each house. This village is known for its unique culture and was cut off from the rest of the country due to its poor transport routes, which however, helped preserved the village’s timeless feel. You find men trotting on horseback while farmers walk their livestock through the streets. It is classified as one of UNESCO’s World Heritage Sites.Visiting the birthplace of Wine

  2. Visiting the birthplace of Wine

    You would be surprised to find that people from as far back as the stone ages, were producing wine in these regions up to 8,000 years ago. The country is known for its ancient tradition of fermenting grape juice in clay vessels known as kvevris, which is also recognized as one of UNESCO’s Intangible Cultural Heritage. Even the soviet dictator and a Georgian native Joseph Stalin was an admirer of Khvanchkara, a type of sweet red wine found in the Racha mountain region in the Caucasus.

  3. Supra

    This is a traditional Georgian feast that comprises of incredible delicacies that will truly give you an authentic Georgian experience. The local cheese bread, Khachapuri is a baked bread boat filled with gooey, tangy sulguni cheese, served with a whole egg yolk and some butter. Khinkhali dumplings is another delicious meal with spiced meat filling that releases juices when cooked. Then of course there is the walnut dressing salads, bean stews cooked with fragrant cilantro. But perhaps the most famous, is the shashlik, which is a tender maintained meat cooked on a kebab skewer. All this can be enjoyed with delicious Georgian wine.


  1. Batumi

    The beautiful mountains at the edge of the Black Sea is surely a sight to see. You can ski in the mountains and then head out to the beach to lie down over the soft sand of the coast. The subtropical climate of Butami is perfect for any season, even winter. It’s not just the mountain and the coast; the city has many architectural feats that can be explored. The lighthouse of Alexandria and the upside down White House are perhaps a few to be mentioned. The place has a few cozy hotels, with a lot of young people coming in to relax and enjoy some serene walks on the beach or simply socialize with new people. It would quite certainly make for a wonderful trip.

  1. Tbilisi

    The old, historical part of Georgia’s capital is worth a trip on its own. The 17th-19th century buildings are beautiful, taking you back to a time the city remembers for you. It has a number of great museums and is full of significant landmarks. The city is also dotted with Eastern Orthodox churches and Soviet Modernist structures. Perhaps one of the most distinguished sites however is the Narikala, a 4th century fortress, looming over all the other constructions. This city is a great place to be for any arts and/or history lovers.

Cave Cities

  1. Cave Cities

    If you are an archeologic buff, this is sure to heighten your eagerness for visiting Georgia. This country has the most unusual caves in Europe. The oldest being Uplitstsikhe. This ancient settlement is reminiscence of a moon-like landscape, with its dusty rocks. Then there is the Davit Gareja, the giant monastic complex, which is carved into the rock of Mount Vardzia, the spectacular underground city that once housed 2,000 monks.

These were only a few of the reasons to visit the gorgeous cities of Georgia. The truly archaic feel of the city, with its natural allure of the ancient villages and beautiful landscapes only scratch the surface of all the beauty that lies in this country. It won’t only be an experience of aesthetic and natural beauty, but an experience of the rich culture, wonderful Georgian cuisine and the warm people of Georgia as well.

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