Rishikesh: Passage to Salvation

There aren’t many places on earth which deliver an undefined ardor to a traveler. It takes much for a destination to convince a discerning traveler to jot down the experience he/she had upon exploring the place. A much talked about country like India has many aspects attached to it.

Rishikesh, by no means is a destination which hasn’t been acclaimed or noticed. It has been lauded as the “Yoga capital of the World”  and is flocked by international and local tourist just as other famous tourist destinations are.

It is a place having much importance in the Hindu mythology. Laying emphasis on the history of this town or the purifying water is not the purpose of this blog. The word “Purpose” just made me realize what exactly is the purpose of this post ? I am not the tourism manager for the region nor I am being paid to write my experience. Its just some undefined or unknown charm of the place which makes it popular among a great number of tourists.

As per my itinerary I had about 2 days to travel to regions like Uttrakhand and the Himalayas. I mean a person who has been to Amsterdam, Beijing, Berlin, Dubai etc. wont have much interest in visiting the advanced cities of the Indian regions, right ?  An esthetic traveler would be much eager to catch hold of what stands unexplored and less extolled.

I did not have the cleanest of surroundings, I dint taste any specific cuisine or dish which left an effect on my taste buds, my plane tickets were not of a business class and nor did I have any travel allowances with my employer but there was fresh and soothing feeling in me while sitting at the ‘Ghats’ looking at the river Ganges flowing amidst the forested hills.  My hotel, The Ananda in the Himalayas was set at a distance of about 20 kilometers from the central area of the town and was based much on Ayurveda, Spa treatments, Vedanta and Yoga.

Experiences like crossing the Ram and Laxman Jhula, witnessing the rituals performed on the banks of the Ganges, encountering enchanting spiritual men and charmers accumulate together to force travelers like us to share our experiences. In recent years, it has also been transformed into a sojourn for adventure buffs. White water rafting, kayaking, cliff jumping, trekking and other adrenaline pumping activities can be enjoyed here.

It is hard to find places which are known for its experiences and not attractions. Experiences which differ from place to place and person to person. Rishikesh and surrounds are definitely one of them. One needs to experience it personally to wipe of the image of Marijuana smoking spiritual men which have somehow become self proclaimed brand ambassadors of the town.

Author Bio: I personally believe that traveling and exploring is the essence of life. I consider the unsung and unexplored aspects of a place as my priority and do every bit to help my fellow readers to get the most out of my experiences.  I have also been associated with Johansens, which is a global collection of luxury and boutique hotels catering to the needs of discerning travelers.

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