RV Shows Around the USA

If you have an RV, or are thinking about buying one, you may be interested in attending an American RV show. At these events you will be able to compare cost, features and really get to know what life owning an RV is like for those who already own them. Not only that, but being able to explore and see all that varieties of the vehicle out there may help you make a decision on when to buy an RV. RV shows are great places to see how much you can get out of your camping trips and life on the road. 

One of the largest shows in the United States coming up next year will take place in Hershey, PA on September 16 through September 20. This show is held annually, and it is the first RV show that will display new manufacturer products, so attendees will get to see the latest and greatest RVs and accessories. If you are seriously considering purchasing an RV in the near future, this would be one of the best resources for information and comparing vehicles with the brand representatives being right there to answer questions. As for the lot itself, the show covers over 21 acres. Due to the large scale of the show, it would be wise to allow yourself more than one day to be able to see all of it.

During October, Melbourne, FL hosts the Port St. Lucie RV Show, which is a large- scale fall and autumn RV show. This show does not charge for admission or parking. The special deals are the highlight of this show. At this event, you can find everything and anything you need for your RV at the best price in the state of Florida. This includes savings on motorhomes, trailers, campers and even fifth-wheels, but the greatest deals can only be found during those few days in October. If you are looking to make an RV purchase soon, there will be several vendors and manufacturers available at this event.

The California RV Show also holds their annual event during October of each year in Pomona. They charge $10 for entry and $10 for parking, and they encourage you to bring your pets to this fun, exciting event. The show will have several different kinds of RVs on display for the camping enthusiast or prospective buyer to indulge in, and the variety of RVs featured ranges from motorized to towable. Additionally, there are also seminars that are designed to educate you on everything you could want to know about buying or upgrading an RV, purchasing gadgets and tools and even tips for new RV owners. Famous sports figures are also known to show up at this event and give presentations to entertain the audience.

For those of you on the East Coast, there is an RV Show in Atlantic City during the last weekend of October. It costs $10 for anyone above the age of 16, and it lasts for three days with lots of exhibits and booths for visitors to look at. This is typically the last RV show each year in New Jersey, and they are known for having a wonderful variety of RV models for sale. Since it is the end of the year, there tend to be close-out sales, which means you won’t be able to find a better deal elsewhere. There are on-site financing options for your convenience, and this is great news for those want to purchase and RV without paying for it out of pocket all at once.

Overall, RV shows are great for seeing what is out there to buy, and the shows often offer fantastic insight and information for new customers. As for current RV owners, they can open your eyes to new additions to your vehicle. These are just a few of these shows in the United States, but with a little research you will be able to find several more during all months of the year.

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