See, Shop and Slurp in Dubai – Top Things to do for Budget Travelers

The word ‘luxury’ gets redefined with every new hotel project completed in Dubai. Welcome to the land of Superlatives! The world’s tallest hotel is here. The world’s tallest structure is here. And the world’s largest shopping mall is also here.

There might be no such thing as a seven star hotel, but Dubai boasts to have one. Similarly, there might be no such thing as the eighth wonder of the world, but Dubai claims to have it as well.

Want to buy an island and call it your own country? The reclaimed islands of Palm Jumeirah and other upcoming projects might be available for sale. Stay at Burj al-Arab and feel the ultimate in luxury. Drive past the Walk at Jumairah Beach Residence and experience the upscale side of the city.

Is Dubai for the rich and the famous only? Certainly not, as there exist a lot of things for budget travelers as well. Read on to find out what you can do in Dubai if you are traveling on a budget.

Dubai Landmarks – No Parallel in the World

A major outdoor activity in Dubai is sightseeing, which doesn’t cost you very dearly. Take a tour of the city and find its two main parts divided by Dubai Creek. Some of the major landmarks include Burj al-Arab, Burj al-Khalifa, Palm Jumeirah, Dubai Mall and Dubai Museum.

  • Burj al-Khalifa has been completed recently to claim the title of the world’s tallest structure. It won’t cost you anything to have a look at this marvelous achievement of architecture from a distance. If you can afford to pay for the entry fee, you can also enjoy amazing sights from its observation deck located at 124th floor.
  • Burj al-Arabhad long been the tallest building in Dubai before Burj al-Khalifa came into being. It is still regarded as the tallest hotel in the world. The hotel authorities claim that it is the only seven-star hotel in the world. Located on a small island, Burj al-Arab will certainly delight you with its unique design and beautiful architecture. Watch the Sun setting behind its towering structure.
  • Palm Jumeirahis considered as a man-made wonder. It is the largest artificial archipelago created ever in history. Some call it the eighth wonder of the world as it seems like an artistic creation over the canvas of water. The palm-shaped islands look amazing from the sky. Affordable boat trips to these islands are available for budget travelers.

Shop Around and Relish Food in Dubai

Shopping and Dining are what drive a majority of tourists to Dubai. Shopping is said to be the national leisure activity for the residents. The city is also well-known for its appetizing dining scene. Restaurants specialize in serving different kinds of travelers, so you are unlikely to go hungry while you are on a tour of the city.

  • Downtown Dubai: You will take immense pleasure in shopping around the various malls. The malls are big and swanky, and there are fanciful additions that make them unique. However, you will be a bit disappointed on the price front. The shops look similar to those you might have seen in New York or Paris, with the same brands selling their products at virtually no discount.
  • Dubai Souks: If you really intend to buy cheaply, then head for the traditional souks. The historic district of Al Bastakiya is a great place to shop and experience the culture as well. Find numerous shops selling a variety of goods at affordable prices in its maze of narrow paths.  Another place to explore for an affordable shopping experience is the Bur Dubai district, which is a contrast to downtown Dubai.
  • Al Dhiyafah Road: Dubai is epicureans’ chosen destination to tantalize their senses. Those with lots of money to splurge will find here an array of international food chains and five-star restaurants. Al Dhiyafah Road is where you should be heading if you are on a budget and looking for cheap eats. Restaurants owned by Indians and Iranians serve a platter of mouth-watering dishes.
  • Gold Souk: While you are in Dubai, you should not miss to check out the dazzling Gold Souk. The neighborhood is known for very cheap gold. The stores here sell not only gold, but also platinum, diamonds and silver. The Gold Souk is worth a visit even if you do not intend to buy anything from here.

Dubai is for everyone and not just for those who have lots of money. Budget travelers can easily plan holidays and book flights to Dubai. You won’t find it a lot more expensive than the other destination you might have thought of instead. Some of the best sights of the world await you in Dubai.

About Author: Amelie Jones is an English writer. She has graduated from Glasgow in English Literature and loves to write about traveling. She has actually to some places and observed interesting facts about the same which she consistently uses in her writings. She is currently working for and writing about holidays, weekend trips, Dubai safari, flights to Dubai and nightlife adventures.

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