Singapore Travel Tips for All – Budget As Well as Luxury Travelers

Singapore has a versatile spots for your vacation, and it is one of the best vacation spot in Asia. Singapore is placed in the southern east of Asia continent at end the border with Indonesia and Malaysia. Singapore is renowned for business, financial, economy and shopping. Singapore consist itself 63 islands. And it holds collection of parks and botanical gardens. Search the unalike culture Singapore is a hone place to see taste of Asia culture.

What to see?

Arab street: This is a shopping street in Singapore, street also know as flower shop street. You can see the mosque attraction and buy good things in the little shops.

Little India: Your next step foot to the little India. This is a part of town, the most of peoples are Indian’s and here you feel the India Culture. You can smell and sense of being in India.

Chinatown: this is a Chinese cultural place. You can explore the fun at the following China town streets are Mosque Street, Pagoda Street, Sago Lane and Sago Street, Smith Street, Temple Street and Trengganu Street.

Singapore Zoo & Night Safari: this is a new and beautiful wildlife park, it’s a places to see more than 2000 animals and 300 above species. And you can see the wild animals at the adventure night safari.

Too these attractions there are many cultural and religious places. Including Thian Hock Keng temple, shrines of Ma Po Cho and Kwan Im Thong Hood Cho Temple. If you are having more time, you can extent your vacation to Indonesia and Malaysia. Both countries offering thousands of attractions.

Sentosa Island:

Sontosa island is one of the main island in Singapore and also one of the major travel destination in Singapore. Sentosa island has the major theme park, the kids are mostly loving this place and also it has beautiful hotels and resorts. You can find all kind of activities and explore on Santosa island including an underwater world, champing grounds. You can need to buy a separate tickets to see all attractions on Sentosa Island.

Things to do in Singapore:

Over the Singapore there are more places attract the all age of vacationers such as Butterfly park, Dolphin Lagoon and night safari.

You can capture photos of popular buildings, natural spots and nightlife of Singapore. Spend time with your children at the gardens, parks and museum.

Singapore popular beaches are a perfect place to relax and reduce your tension doing the activities like swimming, sunbathing, watching the sunset and sunrise.

Shopping is another one major things to do in Singapore. A lot of small and big shopping malls are there to buy a all kind of things and goods.

What kind of shopping?

Singapore is renowned for shoppings, this place is favorite time pass area for the vacationers. A lot of shopping malls here to purchase your home goods.

General Shopping: Orchard Road, Arab street are the famous shopping streets in Singapore. You can buy a general good things in this street.

 Sports shopping: this is a correct place to buy an all branded sports equipments and accessories like shoes, kit and Adidas clothes.

Electronics shopping: Sim Lim Square is place to buy all kind of electronics items like computer, home theater, mobiles and etc.

Children shopping: The only one Forum shopping mall shelling the kids items in a high price rate.

Kids activities:

The following places are perfect for family vacation with kids. You ca explore the fun with your kids. These place are forest adventure, Sentosa Island, Zoo and Night Safari, Wet and Wild and Jurong Swimming complex, Botanical garden and East coast park.

Where to stay?

If you are thinking Singapore is a luxury and costly place to stay mean. My answer is wrong. Because you can find all range of accommodation here. Singapore is a small island even so it is a place of trade in Asia. For that reason and for the vacationers, we are share the budget hotels list in Singapore. There are so many hotels and resorts for the budget and luxury travelers in a cheap rates. The following budget hotels for your budget vacation, book and enjoy the amenities of these hotels. The budget hotels are Swissotel The Stamford Hotel, Fairmont Hotel, Shangri La Hotel, Peninsula Excelsior Hotel, Sheraton Towers Hotel and Grand Hyatt Hotel Singapore.

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