Some Memorable Moments that you’ll Experience on a Cruise

If you’ve seen the movie ‘Titanic’ then you will have a bit of an idea about what happens on a cruise, and you’ll know that the main focus is on having a great time. Depending on the size of the cruise you will get to experience all sorts of memorable moments to take home with you. Here are 5 moments that people enjoy when they go on a cruise.

Sunrise Walks on Deck

For some of us, exercising at the best of times is often not something that we will be excited about doing. But on a cruise ship, everything is a little bit more fun because you are doing it on a boat, in the middle of the ocean. One highlight of a cruise experience is getting up early to appreciate a sunrise walk on the deck. From the vantage point of a boat the sun rising is an experience that will be worth the effort of getting out of bed early!


The sun never looked so beautiful as it does setting over the sea with the sky lit up in a pink orange fire of brilliance. The reflection of it on the water is one that you can only appreciate from the decks of your cruise ship and will become one of your favourite times of day while on board.

First Port of Call

When you’ve been at sea for several days, staring the the rolling waves of the deep blue ocean, you will remember that moment when you first saw dry land again! The first port of call while on a cruise ship will be a welcome change of scenery and you will never forget the sight of it for all the years of your life.

Kids Program

One great thing about cruises is that they often have fantastic kids programs, so you know that your kids are having just a good time as you are. Often cruise companies employ staff specifically for this purpose because they know that if the kids are happy, then everyone else will be too. Kids programs often have interesting games and fun activities, and the children will be able to make some friends that may last them a lifetime. While they are enjoying themselves, why not order a cocktail and relax with a good book.

Meeting the locals

Depending on where your cruise is headed (and where it docks) you may have the opportunity to meet some exotic peoples on the many different islands that are dotted around the world. The experience of seeing other cultures and meeting peoples that you may not have had the opportunity to meet where you live, is sure to be a highlight of your cruise experience. Check out some of the interesting destinations at

By Natalie Brown

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