Spa Etiquette – What Not to Do When You Are Getting Pampered

Going for a spa getaway at a luxury hotel is a wonderful treat. It’s a chance to completely relax and let someone else massage, soothe, exfoliate, moisturise and otherwise pamper you until you feel like you are floating on a cloud. When you do go a spa, you should be aware of the appropriate spa etiquette before you go so that you do not offend or annoy the spa technicians.

Whether you are enjoying spa days in Cheshire, Edinburgh, London or Yorkshire, there are some important things that you should know. If this is your first time to a spa and you aren’t sure what is expected, keep these tips in mind for what not to do:

Don’t Show Up Late

Make sure that you arrive 10 minutes early to your spa treatment. If you are late, this is disrespectful and inconvenient to the spa technician. It will also usually cut into your treatment time, so if you paid for an hour massage and you show up 10 minutes late, you will only receive 50 minutes because the masseuse has other appointments after you that they need to tend to. Also arriving late will leave you feeling rushed and stressed out – the opposite of how you want to feel when you are getting a massage!

Some spas will even ask you to show up 30-45 minutes prior to your appointment, so that you can change into a robe and chill out in a sauna or mineral pool in order to relax your mind and body before the treatment.

Don’t Spread Contagious Skin Issues

If you have any type of contagious skin disease such as scabies or a rash, let the spa know when you are booking or you risk spreading it to the staff and the other clients. Be honest about the skin condition and the spa will let you know whether they can accommodate you or whether you should wait until it heals before you book treatment.

Don’t Stay Glued to Your Phone

When you arrive at the spa, turn off your mobile phone right away so that you won’t be distracted by texts and emails. If you are really busy, set an automated reply telling your clients or work colleagues that you cannot be reached for the next couple of hours but you will get back to them as soon as possible.

You won’t be able to fully relax if you are constantly being distracted by your phone, so keeping it turned on is disrespected to the spa technician who is trying to calm and soothe you. Also the sound of your notification alerts will disrupt the peace for anyone else in the spa.

Don’t Suffer in Silence

If the music is too loud, the room is too warm or the masseuse is pressing too hard, don’t simply grin and bear it! Their job is to help you feel relaxed and happy, so if you have feedback they are happy to hear it so that they can make the adjustments. It’s completely acceptable to ask for a lighter touch, or for different lighting or music, so don’t be afraid to speak up and let your spa therapist know.

Don’t Worry About Your Body

Many people are uncomfortable when they are getting spa treatments, because they usually involve some form of nudity and they are self-conscious about their bodies. Unfortunately, this tenseness can really take away from the soothing effect of the treatment. It can be a little intimidating, but it’s important to remember that the spa therapist or masseuse is not judging your jiggly thighs or your lumpy legs. They really do not care at all!

They see all sizes and shapes of bodies and their job is to make people feel calm and relaxed, not to pass judgement. They will be paying attention to soothing your pressure points and relaxing your muscles rather than rating your fitness or physical appearance. Once you have this thought in mind, it’s easier to simply lie back and enjoy the treatment.

These are a few important things to remember when you are getting pampered at a spa. Whether you are getting spa treatments at country hotels in Cheshire or in chic downtown spas in London, following the right etiquette will make your experience more enjoyable and will ensure that you don’t annoy or offend the spa technicians. Have fun and enjoy your pampering getaway!

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