Space-Saving Tips for the Perfectly Packed suitcase

If you’re a frequent traveler, you know that packing everything you need in an organized manner can seem almost impossible. Whether you’re going overseas or just heading to your parents’ for the holidays, follow some of these tips to pack like a pro.

Packing Hygiene Items

You get to Hawaii, and as you’re digging through your suitcase for your bikini, you come to the realization that your shampoo has exploded all over your clothes. This isn’t uncommon; the pressure changes in airplanes and the rough handling of baggage are prime environments for exploding products. There’s also the whole space issue. If you’re going on a short jaunt, fill straws with things like sunscreen, toothpaste, or lotion. Have a favorite bar of soap that you just can’t get anywhere else? Create a pouch for your soap with a washcloth and voila! You have a handy little 2-in-1 washing system! Those little travel-sized bottles for shampoo and conditioner are perfect sizes for traveling, but they’re prone to leaking. Seal the opening with some plastic wrap before screwing the lid on. Even if the lid pops open, your clothes will be protected from the mess.

Packing Electronics

You can’t travel without various devices and a slew of charging cables. Your cords getting tangled in your carry-on will provide a puzzle later as you’re trying to untangle your iPad and laptop cords from each other. Glasses cases are perfect for your phone and tablet chargers and keep them from getting wound around each other. According to Digital Trends, you can also reuse empty toilet paper holders by wrapping your cords around the tube. Not feeling so creative? Separate the cords in their own Ziplock bags and label them.

Keeping Your Clothes and Shoes Organized

Whether you’re a heavy packer or you’re cramming multiple people’s goods into a few bags, the biggest space-saving tip is rolling clothes instead of folding them. It will cut down on wrinkling, too! If you’re packing clothes that are wrinkle prone, lay them flat inside dry cleaning bags and then fold as normal. The plastic will keep the fabric from crumpling. Store delicates inside small cloth bags so you don’t spend tons of time rummaging through your entire bag for a pair of underwear. Does your business trip require collared shirts? Keep the collar from getting crumpled by putting a belt in the collar. Instant support!

Beach vacation? According to Adelaide’s Boutique, every woman needs a new pair of sandals for vacation. But what do you do with those shoes when they’ve been walked in for miles? Cover the soles with a cheap plastic shower cap to keep them from getting dirt and sand all over your clothes. Save even more space by stuffing your walking shoes with socks or beauty products.

Don’t let the endless stream of packing stop you from feeling excited over your impending trip. With some simple organization skills, you’ll have a neatly packed suitcase that’s filled with everything you need. Careful planning will ensure you don’t forget anything and you can finally have the perfect vacation!

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