Stag Do In Vegas? What Not To Do

Las Vegas is one of the most famous cities in the world, and it is an internationally renowned resort city primarily known for shopping, fine dining, and of course gambling. Millions of people travel to Las Vegas every year to experience the lights, the shows, the partying and the various casinos where people have been made, and people have been broke. Billed as the entertainment capital of the world, Las Vegas is one of the top tourist destinations in America, and thanks to its ‘sin city’ reputation, it has also been ground zero for a number of famous movies over the last 50 years.

A City Of Culture

The site for Las Vegas was established in 1905, and in 1911 it was incorporated as a city. Towards the end of the twentieth century, Las Vegas was the most populous city in all of the USA, and it became a prominent setting for adult entertainment. Benefitting from millions of tourists from all over the world every year, the major attractions in Las Vegas consist of the luxury hotels and spectacular casinos. From the Golden Nugget to the Plaza Hotel and Casino, the Las Vegas Strip is home to hundreds of multi-million dollar establishments, many of them accommodating some of the biggest celebrities on the planet.

Although Las Vegas holds an abundance of culture, including museums, national parks and UNESCO World Heritage Sites, one of the biggest tourism attractions to the city is stag dos. Having your single-sendaway on the legendary Las Vegas strip is unrivalled by another other destination, however but there are a number of things to watch out for if you want to have a memorable time. Let’s take a look at the list of things to avoid when taking your stag do to the entertainment capital of the world!

Don’t Get Married

It may sound like one of the more obvious tips on the list, but every year hundreds of men end up getting blind drunk, marring a woman they met that night in one of the many clubs and casinos, and waking up not knowing what happened. Although many comedy films have featured a drunk-wedding in the sunny landscape of Las Vegas, sadly it does actually happen, and unless you’re willing to pay large sums of money to get married in the middle of the night to someone you hardly know, keep away from cheap venues offering quick and easy weddings!

Don’t Lose All Your Money

Gambling, especially in Las Vegas, is a seductive industry, and before you know it, you could be penniless. If you are going to gamble, then set yourself a budget for the day – once you lose it, don’t go dipping into the rest of your cash! When it comes to Las Vegas, temptation is part of the package, and you may feel like you’re not experiencing the full force of the city without living on the edge a little. If you don’t fancy explaining to your wife-to-be where all your hard earned cash has gone, then stick to your game plan!

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