Step Back and Appreciate Architecture When Traveling

It’s easy to get caught up while traveling, focusing only on what you are your family are doing. We are going to the zoo. We are visiting Disneyland and riding on the rides. We are participating in local cultural events, visiting museums, etc. Yes, all of these things are great, and they are the memories that most fondly pop up to the surface when thinking about tourist experiences, but there are plenty of intrinsic things to pay attention to as well when in a new environment, and these can add a tremendous amount of depth to your experience. One of these deepening experiences is paying attention to architecture. 

Airports and Train Stations

By plane or by train, you’re going to end up in airports and train stations, and some of these have absolutely gorgeous design work and architectural narratives. You might be focused on getting to that next plane gate, but if you stop for a moment to check out detail work, from murals on the wall, to patterned railings, to the angles and flow of walls and halls, you can find yourself transported into a very relaxing, expressive state. One deep breath and a moment of focus on these elements can really take some of the tension out of the travel rush.

Business Districts  

Once you have arrived at your new destination, chances are very likely that you’ll be doing some shopping. Instead of just looking at the stuff to buy, also look at how the stores are designed. Contemporary businesses design is truly remarkable; even if you know that the entire purpose of the flow of colors and shapes is to get you to purchase things, it ‘s a pleasure to see the effort that’s gone into convincing unsuspecting individuals to purchase something, anything, or everything!

Suburban Architecture  

Though most travel itineraries will put you either in urban or non-urban environments, depending on your taste, it’s that area in between that will often tickle your mind architecturally. Suburban housing developments can show taste, character, modernism, throwback vibes, and everything else that you could imagine that can come from individuals with different life experiences and goals. Just cruising through some of these neighborhoods can give visual information that you aren’t going to find on any mainstream tour. These slightly-off-the-beaten-path trips will round out your experiences in a way that no other journey can.

You can learn a lot from the architecture of your environment. As a tourist and a traveler, by always keeping one eye open for building design, you can pick up on cultural details that might otherwise be lost in the hustle, bustle, and shuffle of the process of travel.

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