If you’ve been working your butt out all year round, this is definitely a great chance to wind down and reward yourself with a holiday you will forever treasure. If you’re Italian, you probably need not be told about the beauty of Rimini. If you’re someone who’s heard about Rimini but has never actually got to explore the gems waiting to be unraveled, read along. For starters, Rimini is in the northern part of Italy and is a well-renowned tourist site in Europe that’s located on Adriatic Sea, making it to have just a temperate, warm and humid weather that’s perfect for sunbathing and frisking on its 15-km “La Marina” beach.

The allure of Rimini’s sun and sea is so unique that even Italians themselves are fond of coming back to this well-loved tourist destination. They prefer not to go somewhere else and choose this place as a haven where they can get pampered and shed off the stress of the busy metropolitan life. If you come from outside of Italy, you won’t find yourself worrying as to where to stay because there are more than 2,000 hotel accommodations in the entire Rimini and most of them offer different freebies like free bicycle rides and shuttle services. Some of the popular hotels include Hotel De Londres, Sovrana Hotel, Grand Hotel Rimini e Residenza, Biancamano Hotel, and Hotel Vienna Ostenda. Whichever one you choose- a luxurious hotel or a modest bed and breakfast- there’ll always be a cozy place where you can let down your hair, chill out, and drive the negative vibes away!

Other tourist locations include Augustus arch, Tiberius Bridge, and Federico Fellini Museum. So if you are smitten with arts and culture, it does pay to give these sites a go. Experiencing the best of nature would make for a totally exhilarating summer vacation- Cà Brigida, Parco della Cava, and Planetarium Botanico are only few of the places for natural interest that are definitely a must-see for nature-lovers. These natural parks have been preserved to maintain their pure natural structures. Taking sometime to unwind in one of these beautiful spots will definitely recuperate your weary soul.

Definitely a city waiting for everyone, everyone of different age will always find something to be thrilled about. If you’re travelling with kids, bringing them to Dolphinarium would be a fantastic way to give their fair share of fun! Also another amazing place to bring them is the wonderful leisure park called Italia in Miniatura where miniatures of Italian and European architectural sites are showcased.

There’s always something for everyone in Rimini other than frisking on the beach. If you want to get a taste of the nightlife while having your summer vacay, there are over 500 clubs to choose from. Some of the most frequented places are the Rimin Pub & Disco Crawl and the famed Carnaby Club. Just remember to party in moderation to keep things running smoothly!

If you’re one who’s been debating with yourself whether to take this vacation- it’s time to cast your hesitations away. With its beautiful contrast of serenity and entertainment, Rimini caters to both young and the young-at-heart fellows. Treating yourself to the magnificence of this city will surely have you coming out feeling recharged, ready to conquer the world again.

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