Summer Vacation Costa Brava in Catalonia

There’s barely a summer vacation like a drive to the extremely gorgeous Costa Brava in Catalonia, Spain. There’s the Mediterranean coast and the Pyrenees Mountains, medieval and yet modern towns like Gerona, great food, art and history to select from. This part of Spain is a favorite location of bicyclists too. The climate of Costa Brava is typically Mediterranean, mild, characterized by hot, very dry summers, and moderately cold winters.

There’s practically everything here at Costa Brava. You will find some of the very best beaches throughout Europe, secret coves, peaceful waters, a great deal of buying choices, and genuinely amazing journeys. Both the coastline and the Pyrenees Mountain appear outstanding, and there are some incredible medieval towns too. You will surely also appreciate the history, art and the fantastic food of the area. Simply a jump far from Barcelona, Brava is where all the action is. Barcelona is not too far from the Costa Brava, so if you want a real shopping experience with shopping centres and a complete range of products, then take a trip there. There are great deals of neighborhood markets and fairs in the Costa Brava though.

Typical Spanish seafood dishes will be found on standard restaurant menus, such as Suquet, a stewed dish. Food from around the globe graces the bistros here, a few of which serve Nouvelle Cuisine, Michelin Star style. Ask residents for recommendations.

If you love to do some cycling, then Gerona is the location for you. Gerona ends up being a hectic place throughout the professional cycling season when cyclists from all over Europe come right here to practice. Once of them was Lance Armstrong. You might do some biking yourself within the city, or you could head outside to the rolling hillsides and the appealing countryside. Lloret is the primary partying town on the Costa Brava, with more than 25 clubs. However there are numerous nightclubs, pubs and bars up and down the length of the region. Blanes is an excellent location for nightlife for those with families, with Spanish music playing and a relaxed environment. There is also a fair here at the end of July, which brings people to the streets. There are numerous types of evening entertainment in the area, from jazz bars to conventional Spanish music, to clubbing, so make sure you get around and attempt and take as much in as you can.

As one of Europe’s finest holiday destinations, the Costa Brava offers a wide range of self-catering accommodation options. Picking the months of May/June and then September/October imply that the mad chaos that takes place on the coast has either not arrived or simply departed, yet the weather is still beautifully warm and sunny, enabling you to delight in the coastline to its fullest. Find the best cheap holiday studios and apartments in Costa Brava with Its wonderful landscape, eye-catching beaches, coves, blue sea, cliffs and many more have made the region of Costa Brava one of the most visited places in Europe.

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