Ten Popular Places In NYC Right Now

Every vacation is fun, but a trip to New York City is definitely a different kind of vacation. Instead of camping under the stars or walking around a National Park, the sites are mostly historical and a lot of culture! With so much to do, how do you narrow down what the best things are to do? Here are the top ten most popular places to go in NYC right now.

1. The Museum of Modern Art (MoMA)

Dedicated to contemporary art since 1929, there is an ever-impressive collection of modern art in all mediums. There are paintings, film, architecture, and sculptures here that really add to the entire museum. No matter what age, there is so much art that there is sure to be at least one or two pieces that all can appreciate and admire, including kids.

2. Metropolitan Museum of Art

Another popular museum, the Metropolitan Museum of Art or Met, shows more than two million pieces from around the world. These are not all necessarily current artists and pieces, but all through history to give a very diversified collection. It is definitely worth the stop during your vacation.

3. The Statue of Liberty

A classic American symbol, this statue is a symbol of friendship to our country from the French that was gained during the French Revolution. This statue has been a welcome sight to immigrants all throughout the history of the USA. Tourists used to be able to tour the statue, but there are improvements being done on the inside so this is no longer an option. It is still a possibility to visit Liberty Island though.

4. Staten Island Ferry

This free ferry is a very popular option for visitors to view the Statue of Liberty as it passes through and gives a really great view of the statue. Some tourists even choose this way to see the Statue of Liberty since there are great views. Commuters are also partial to this mode of transportation because of the views, the price, and the relaxing ride.

5. Rockefeller Center

Most famous for its Christmas time attractions, this part of town is a very popular location year-round. This is located in midtown Manhattan and features many shopping and dining destinations. During the winter there is an ice skating rink as well as the famous Christmas Tree as well as the Rockettes at Radio City Music Hall. During the warmer months, there is still the Top of the Rock Observation Deck as well as the other performances at Radio City Music Hall.

6. Grand Central Terminal

While this may seem like just a place for transportation, this attraction is more than it seems. There are still plenty of trains, but there a lot of shops and dining available to all who come through as well. Since opening in 1913, this location has been popular and seen many different changes. It is great to learn about these through a free tour that is available that points out many special aspects of the terminal as well as sharing little-known facts and stories.

7. Empire State Building

In a city of tall buildings, check out the most popular place to see things from the top. Not only is this a unique point of view on the city, but it also is a classic New York City attraction for tourists.

8. American Museum of Natural History

After having the movie “Night at the Museum” filmed here, the popularity of the location has boomed. Since opening in 1869 to the public, this location has undergone some changes by evolving and growing into what it is now. There are so many fun and interesting exhibits here for everyone- adults and kids alike. It even has a revolving series of temporary exhibits which means there is sure to always be new things for you to see.

9. Ellis Island Immigration Museum

With a city and country built from immigrants, this island gives a fascinating view into this history and their experiences. This location provides a unique experience for visitors to learn about the hardships and challenges that immigrants typically experiences as they passed through Ellis Island with interactive exhibits, movies, and walking tours. The complete experience is not only educational, but also very humbling.

10. Central Park

This enormous park is a classic stop in New York City for those who are looking to escape the city life and experience a little bit of green. However, this is more than just a typical park with nothing more than grass and swings. There are central park tours that are available to show the many fascinating aspects of this unique park. From locations of movies filmed here to seeing interesting places from history, taking one of the Central Park bike tours to see all this is a fun experience for everyone!

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