The best Gay Friendly cities in Europe


Berlin’s reputation as a hotspot for gay culture dates back at least as far as the interwar years. Today, Berlin remains just as gay-friendly as ever, with dozens of LGBT bars and clubs and a number of annual gay festivals and parties. There are many smaller locations which may suit your taste, but it is Prenzlauer Berg, Kreuzberg and Schöneberg which are the traditional gay hotspots around the city. Because of this, it will be a good idea to take some time and try to find accommodation near to these areas. A good way to do this is through an online service of short term apartment rentals in Berlin such as City Gateway, which will make the experience quick and simple.


Brighton is generally regarded as the gay capital of Great Britain, and should satisfy anybody who is planning to go on an LGBT trip through the country. As a coastal town with a lively seaside pier culture, Brighton is a traditional spot for old-fashioned English holidays and so is great fun for a visit whatever your sexual orientation – the fact that it has no shortage of lively and welcoming gay bars is really the icing on the cake, at the end of the day. A must-visit location for any LGBT person in the UK, and one which deserves its reputation.


Spain has a number of gay-friendly cities such as Madrid and Barcelona, but it is Sitges which has emerged as the best-known example. With a vibrant annual gay pride festival, not to mention several permanent fixtures – such as a gay cruising area, and even a gay shopping hotspot – there is plenty to sample in the city of Sitges. Sitges is widely regarded as a top gay destination in Europe; take a visit there, and you will quickly find out why.


If you are planning to visit France, then Bordeaux will make for a good place to visit. It has a number of gay-friendly hotels, making it a popular destination amongst gay travelers. The gay saunas are perhaps the most highly recommended attraction for any LGBT visitors to this fascinating and beautiful city. As an alternative, it is worth remembering that Paris also has a wide variety of brilliant gay hotspots – so, if you visiting France, you will truly be spoilt for choice.


In recent years, popular Western perception of Hungary has become tainted by accusations of homophobia, thanks largely due to what is actually a prejudiced minority within the country. The city of Budapest is actually a very gay-friendly place and strongly recommended to any LGBT traveler looking for a vibrant and unique city to stay at and enjoy. With a wide variety of gay bars, gay restaurants and even a couple of regular lesbian parties, anybody looking to sample the local LGBT scene in this city will find something to enjoy.

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