The Best Places To Retire In Thailand

Thailand is one of those countries in Asia that receives a big number of retirees every year. There are a number of reasons for this the main reason being that the cost of living is relatively cheap. Thailand will offer you a comfortable life similar to that of western countries but at lower cost. Thai-food is worth killing for and the citizens of this country are very welcoming. For those people who love the beach, Thailand has beach towns in plenty. This country is also very beautiful. White sandy beaches, mountainous jungles and limestone cliffs are some of the sceneries that make this part of the world very beautiful. Some of the best places to retire in Thailand include;

Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai is located in the northern parts of Thailand and is only an hour’s flight from the capital Bangkok. It is a calm place with a favorable climate. The place has a rich Buddhist culture. There is a beautiful view of the mountains. The place is well modernized so retirees will find most of the comforts of life here.

It is a modern center, so it has some of the challenges found in most modern centers. The area is very popular and for this reason at times it is very overcrowded. Generally it is a good place to live in. near the city center, you can find yourself well-furnished apartments at a reasonable rate.


This is the place to go when you retire if you love a beach lifestyle. This beach is lined with palm trees and you will enjoy the view of the ocean from any part of the city. You will enjoy a warm tropical weather throughout the year. To add on to this the cost of living is very cheap. This place is one and a half hour flight from Bangkok. It is well modernized, so you will enjoy most of the comforts in life. Health care as well as other amenities are available.


The capital itself is one of the best places to retire in Thailand. This city is located along Chao Phraya River. This is what attracts retirees to this place. Bangkok is a very developed city. It is one of those places in Thailand that will make you forget you are not in a western country. It is a city gleaming with lots of skyscrapers, luxurious and world class hotels and a wide range of transport options. It is a cosmopolitan city with a rich mix of culture.

Hua Hin

This is one other beach town in Thailand. It is a wonderful beach getaway. This area is never short of vacation homes. This makes it wonderful and very convenient for retirees to relocate here with their families. It is a seaside town with a cheap cost of living. In addition to this, there are long stretches of the beautiful beach and a night market where one can shop the beautiful Thailand’s art work. In this town you also get to enjoy the local’s delicious seafood. Jazz festivals and other forms of entertainment are hosted in this town regularly so you do not have to worry that your nights will be boring.

These are some of the best places to retire in Thailand. If you are thinking to go to this country you should first consider these cities and towns.

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