The best Shopping areas in Singapore

In this guide, I hope to share with you some of the favourite spots we locals like to shop at.

#1 Shopping Spot – Orchard Road

Many people describe Orchard Road as the heart of Singapore. It’s where all tourists first flock to, to get their dose of retail therapy. But not all these malls are the some. Most cater to very specific groups of shoppers only a local will know about. Here are some of them.

The Young Teenage Crowd – Far East Plaza & Orchard Cineleisure. This is where the youth of Singapore hang out. Far East is known for its cheap bargain finds hence its popularity with youths. Cineleisure is popular because of its late night cinema and the skate park right next door which also serves as a flea market.

The Mainstream Crowd – Takashimaya / Wisma Atria. Located next to each other, this Japanese owned shopping mall is one gigantic department stall and then some. It has all types of popular brands and labels from around the world with something for everyone.

The Rich – Paragon, ION Orchard. These cater to more affluent visitors and feature mostly top brands. ION Orchard is kind of in the middle, catering to the mainstream population as well as the rich, especially on their higher floors.

#2 Shopping Spot – Bugis Market

This is Singapore’s biggest street market. Over here you can find all sorts of good on sale, from cheap tacky souvenirs to cheap tacky clothing. Just kidding. But a lot of the things here are really low priced and can be bargained with.

If you’re interested to get some quality popular fashion in Singapore at low prices, you might want to check out a Singapore blogshop instead. In Singapore, the rise of blogshops has been phenomenal, with many fashionable enterprising young ladies turning themselves into successful business owners. And hey, the clothes here are much better and are still very affordably priced.

#3 Shopping Spot – Funan / Sim Lim Square

These two areas not too far away from each other cater to the tech shoppers. Think Cameras, Computers and all the fancy gadgetry in-between. Note that you have to tread very carefully and avoid being scammed when you visit one of these places.

Whenever something thrives, there are bound to be opportunists lurking round the corner hoping to make a quick buck over some uninformed tourist. It happens all over the world and Singapore is not an exception. If you’re looking to buy cameras, be sure to check out this comprehensive guide to camera buying in Singapore.

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