The Clubber’s Guide to Barcelona

Barcelona is one of the most famous European destinations for travellers that are looking for the perfect city break. Notwithstanding the golden beaches that attract millions of tourists all year-round, this eclectic city is also home to some of the most vibrant nightlife in the world. Although once a year this city hosts the internationally renowned Sonar festival, Barcelona is just as famous for its clubs within the city centre. Every night of the week there is a lively destination to explore, here are a few of the best clubs.

Carpe Diem Lounge Club

Simply known as CDLC this venue is well-known as the most widely frequented club in Barcelona. It combines the best of both worlds, as it straddles the beaches located in Porto Olympico with an exquisite dining atmosphere. A wide variety of dishes can be found here, although the main interest for many club-goers is when the tables are removed from the dining area and the numerous guest DJ’s begin blasting the latest and most innovative beats. Located conveniently next to a metro station that leads directly back to the city centre, this club is not to be missed. As CDLC is located near many other big Barcelona attractions, by staying in the city centre you’ll be close to the action. It is a good idea to find a city centre hotel, as they are reasonably priced and most are within walking distance to CDLC and other destinations.


Universal is located in the well-groomed Gracia district of Barcelona. It is deceptively anonymous from the outside, although upon entering one is mesmerised by the high, vaulted ceilings and the massive amount of dance floor space. The cocktails are reasonably priced and the VIP lounge areas are exquisite. As this club generally does not get busy until after midnight, during the early evening hours you can explore this part of the city and then end the evening by dancing the night away at Universal.

These are two of the most popular clubs that Barcelona has to offer, although there are countless others that will suit even the more ecletic musical tastes. Although Barcelona boasts some of the most interesting clubbing opportunities in the region, many others may choose to head elsewhere in Spain for a different kind of nightlife. Each city is unique with regards to the atmosphere that it has to offer, and for this reason many tourists also choose to visit the capital, Madrid. It is a larger city and therefore has more clubs to choose from. Nonetheless, the clubs in either location will certainly leave an unforgettable impression upon those who are looking to enjoy some of the best nightlife venues in all of Europe.

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Ralph Cohen is a travel writer with a passion for the Mediterranean countries and the beach! He has spent many nights at some of the best hotels in Barcelona and has become an expert on anything related to this Spanish city.

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