The Family Road Trip

It is the day of the big family road trip. All the bags are packed. Your wife is in the kitchen preparing a few snacks in anticipation of everyone getting hungry by the time you reach St. Louis. She thought it would be smarter to take snacks this time around, rather than paying those higher convenience store prices. Your eldest daughter, who is sitting patiently in the back seat of the car, cannot wait to stop off at Grandma’s house for a week in Atlanta. Then it is off to sunny Florida for another two-weeks of lazing around on the beaches, and that surprise visit to Disney you have not told the kids about yet. At present, you are just happy you were able to get the engine in the car replaced a couple of weeks ago. With gas prices returning to a reasonable level, you anticipate saving a little more money on this trip than the last trip.

Taking Kids With You on the Road

While everyone is excited to get underway, it is important to realize that traveling with young kids can sometimes be a little overwhelming. Even if they are well-behaved, there are still issues a parent will need to plan for in advance. If you are traveling with the intent of visiting a lot of places as you tour the states, be prepared to stop often for bathroom breaks. Though you are an adult and will be able to hold a full bladder for longer, it is still a good idea to make sure everyone uses the bathroom frequently. Sitting for long periods of time is not very ideal either. Every two or three-hours, it is a healthy practice to stop and allow everyone to get out to move around. This is not only smart to prevent muscle soreness and tension when you drive, but it is also beneficial for your kids who need an opportunity to burn off a little energy.

Keeping Everyone Entertained on a Long Road Trip

Another issue that people run into when taking long road trips is that the other passengers in the car get bored. It is bad enough that you have to put up with all the traffic while driving the car, but when everyone else in the car starts asking if they are there yet, this can start to get old quickly. According to an article at PCWorld, it is convenient to rig up a mobile WiFi hot spot connection while traveling. With a mobile hot spot in place, while you are traveling, others in the car can access the Internet through their electronic 3G and 4G devices. This means that they will have access to an endless array of music, movies, and games, keeping them entertained for hours. While your kids are being distracted, the time will fly by much easier. In addition, your wife will be able to pull up maps on her tablet, ready to help you find the right exit.

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