The Fascinating City Of Buenos Aires

Argentina is always referred to as the Europe of South America. It is one of the few countries that draws you in and makes you feel at home. Even if you are thousands of miles away from home, its friendly people and amazing places are welcoming and give the sense that you are not in a strange place. Its vibrant city of Buenos Aires captures your heart upon arrival in the country. If you enjoy great food, music, excellent wine, socializing and dancing, you will surely enjoy what Buenos Aires has to offer.

The city combines a mixture of antique colonial-style small and large buildings with modern condominiums. Every barrio of this amazing city has something different; it takes care of every taste. Some of the things you can do during the day are searching for antiques in San Telmo, watching Tango dances outside pavement hotels in El Caminito and catching a local football match at the renowned Boca stadium.

You also cannot miss out on exploring Cabildo Boliva 65. This was the first government building and now serves as a museum. It exhibits ancient attires and weapons. The Cemetery of Recoleta is another popular tourist attraction in the city. This is a place where famous writers, artists and former presidents were buried.

Avenida Corrientes is also worth visiting. The place has many theatre’s, cinemas, bookshops and music stores. It is always full of visitors and inhabitants alike. Before your Buenos Aires visit is over, you must also conduct an excursion to the Plaza de Mayo. There, you can visit the renowned Metropolitan Cathedral.

A visit to Buenos Aires should be accompanied by some exciting things to do. There is an astounding number of unforgettable activities you can engage in. visit the Aires zoo and the Botanical gardens. This is especially good if you have your kids with you. Pay a visit to the innumerable art galleries and bookshops lining the city and purchase some great items.

Buenos Aires is famous for the Tango dance and you must therefore not miss it. You can watch it in the theatre’s spread out throughout the city or even take a few classes and learn some moves. When this is over, take a walk around the city. You may be alone or be guided by a tour guide while exploring the picturesque city and tasting the incredible red wine the city is famous for.

The prices of various items in Buenos Aires are very reasonable. This makes it imperative to do your shopping here. There are various areas such as San Telmo, Plaza San martin and Aveninda Santa Fe which are famous for antiques, leather goods and designer products respectively. If you are a sports fanatic, the El Monumental stadium is a wonderful stadium where you can enjoy football, basketball, rugby and tennis.

Buenos Aires has a thriving nightlife which you can’t afford to miss. The three best places to go for a night out are Recoleta, Costanera Norte and San Telmo. There is an astounding number of clubs and bars in these places. All these activities and places make the city a perfect tourist destination. If you are looking to visit a city in Argentina, this is one of the best cities where you will enjoy your visit the most.

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