The Five Most Iconic Road Trip Destinations

All across the country, the byways and highways of the nation travel past some of the most memorable scenery on the planet. Whether preferring ocean border coastlines, rolling farmland or expansive mountain ranges, U.S. highways provide access for enjoying a fantastic road trip. Complete that list of road trip supplies at

Red Rock Scenic Byway-Arizona

Located 40 miles south of Flagstaff, this 7.5 mile stretch of road won recognition as Arizona’s First All-American Road. The route begins after taking exit 298 from I-17 and journeys through red rock country. See the majestic rock formations known as Bell Rock and Cathedral Rock near the Sedona neighborhood of Village of Oak Creek. Continue on to the Coconino National Forest, home to a wide variety of vegetation and wildlife and the perfect place for camping, biking and hiking.

Hana Highway-Hawaii

The rugged coastal drive meanders up and down in a waving motion that creates over 600 curves along 60 miles of roadway. Allow up to four hours for this journey as the road frequently bottlenecks into one lane and many destinations warrant a keepsake photograph. The view along the narrow, twisty road includes spectacular coastal beaches, cascading waterfalls and historic bridges along with a botanical garden.

Going-to-the-Sun Road-Montana

The drive spans 50 miles on a two-lane highway that cuts through the middle of Glacier National Park in northwestern Montana. The ever changing terrain ranges from the cedar forests in the valley to the Continental Divide at an elevation of over 6,500 feet. East of the Divide the drive becomes tricky. There are no protective guard rails along the road’s edge. The view includes ancient mountain peaks, glacial lakes and two picturesque waterfalls.

U.S. Route 1-Maine

Take a week in summer or fall and explore the beautiful coastline of Maine. Beginning in the southern coast community of Kittery, leisurely make the trek up to the border city of Calais. Besides seeing the unforgettable landscape along the rocky coast, the highway travels past numerous scenic and historic locations that include antique shops, lighthouses and military forts. Stop in at the L.L. Bean headquarters in Freeport and gaze in awe at the massive estates in Kennebunkport.

Million Dollar Highway-Colorado

This 24 mile stretch of road on U.S. 550 not only offers the opportunity for viewing fantastic mountain scenery but also provides visitors with a bit of history. The modern road takes the same path traveled centuries before by stagecoaches and pack animals. In addition to the vegetation and wildlife of the area, sights also include the volcano Red Mountain and the Victorian community Silverton, both once popular for gold mining.

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