The Frequent Travelers Guide for Handling Emergencies While Abroad

However much fun traveling abroad is, the process is also fraught with potential emergencies that can creep up when you least expect it. Visiting places that don’t speak your language, have different rights and cultural beliefs, and are havens for thieves can create uncomfortable situations for travelers not prepared to deal with having documents stolen, needing to have money wired, or being lost and stranded.

Documentation Back-Ups 

You get robbed and all your documentation, including ID and Passport, are gone forever. . .

Needing to replace clothes is bad enough. But if your passport disappears while traveling the situation becomes dire, particularly if you are low or out of cash. There are ways to try to minimize the risk of this occurring, such as keeping all ID physically on your person (such as in a belly bag) rather than in your purse or backpack. But even if you are staying in a nice hotel, rooms can be vandalized, and thieves are adept at pick-pocketing and disappearing into a crowd in seconds.

Having paper copies of all your important documents (preferably in color) is an absolute must, and you want to make sure they are kept separate from your actual passport and ID so thieves don’t walk away with everything. Leaving copies at home with a trusted friend or relative, who can fax them to a consulate or embassy if needed, is also a good plan.

Secure Promises and Carry Phone Numbers 

While snorkeling in the Great Barrier Reef someone ransacks the bag you left on the beach. In a flash your goods, money, and credit cards disappear. . .

Talk to people you trust before you leave on your trip, and make sure they can and will wire you money should you need it. Make sure you know locations where you can pick up the requested funds, or can temporarily borrow funds by looking into what cash advance and payday loans Australia has to offer.

Carry an Emergency Stash 

Your wallet and phone get stolen, and you have to wait a day before money can be wired to you. . .

Always carry an emergency stash of a few hundred dollars and an international calling card. Keep it secure in an interior pocket, or small waterproof bag, and never raid it to buy incidentals. That way, no matter what happens, you will have enough for a place to stay and for food, and can contact people back at home.

About Author: Jayla Barnsen is a freelance blogger from Eugene, Oregon. She loves travel and the outdoors and knows from personal experience the importance of figuring out what Payday Loans Australia and other countries have to offer.

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