The Great Outdoors – 4 of the Best National Parks to Take Your Kids To

If you want to explore nature with your kids, checking out one of our many beautiful national parks is a great way to do so. Read on for a guide to four of the best national parks for families with children. These options were chosen for their wealth of family friendly activities as well as affordability and ease of camping and travel.

Acadia National Park, Maine

In addition to its gorgeous mountain views and unique foliage, Acadia is an ideal national park for children because of its bounty of relatively easy hikes that still offer breathtaking beauty. In addition to hiking, biking is available along miles of carriage trails, and there’s plenty to do in nearby Bar Harbor. The cost for a private vehicle entry is $20 for seven days. While no camping is allowed within the park itself, Seawall and Blackwoods Campgrounds are both a short distance away.

Everglades National Park, Florida

This wetlands park is the perfect place for kids who like to get messy, with plenty of swampland where your family can take ranger-led “wet walks. Geckos, frogs, lizards, and other kid-friendly creatures abound. While there are no official campgrounds in the park, you are allowed to bring your own tent and pitch it in designated areas. This is a great winter destination for those coming from a cold climate.

Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming

This park prides itself on having all the natural wonders of a bigger park in a surface area that is more manageable for families with children. Your kids will have an amazing time in the junior ranger program, rafting down the river, or taking a guided horseback tour. There are 905 campsites on the grounds, which means you’ll need to pack some of your own supplies like food, a tent, sleeping bags, or any other amenities you may need. The good news is that many of which have flush toilets and pool access, so it’s great for family members who aren’t too sure about the outdoors.

Mesa Verde National Park, Colorado

If you have kids who love to climb and explore, Mesa Verde is the ideal park for your family. Your family will love explore the ancient ruins of cliff dwellings, including one 150-room palace. Its 5,000 archeological sites provide plenty of hands-on history and science. Best of all, though, the park features its own treehouse and ladders that are constructed to climb up cliff faces, yet are suitable for even the tiniest legs. Morefield Campground, which is four miles inside the park, is its own village, with each campsite featuring picnic facilities and a grill.

If your kids are addicted to video games and attached to their cellphones, a fun trip to a beautiful national park is the perfect way to get them outside and into the fresh air. Depending on where you live, you might not have to travel very far to find yourself immersed in beautiful scenery, and surrounded by exciting wildlife. Compare national parks to see which one will best suit your family for some good old-fashioned fun.

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