The most famous Nightclubs and Bars in New York

New York is one of the most eclectic cities in the world. Stemming from a rise in popularity as a party destination in the 1920’s and 1930’s, this modern city boasts some of the most popular dance and party venues as well a huge number of the best kept nightlife secrets. If you are planning a trip to New York and want to sample this world-famous nightlife, then look no further.


This location is one of the newest on the scene and yet has easily made the top 10 list for many visitors to New York. For any party animal looking to take a bite out of the Big Apple, Marquee is the perfect place to begin. Marquee is particularly noted for its intense hip-hop rhythms that attract dancers from across the globe every Thursday evening. Not surprisingly, a night out at the Marquee is certainly not cheap; tickets to reserve a table start at $650.


This Brooklyn club is the place to head to if music is your thing. With an eclectic mix of bands that you might not have heard of you are always guaranteed to have a late night here. Located in a converted warehouse it manages maintain some of that old Williamsburg wildness that has now largely been gentrified. A must visit venue for those looking for a large night out.

Webster Hall

Originally opened in 1992, Webster Hall is one of the city’s most famous clubs. Boasting a capacity of no less than 2,500 people, the energy inside is truly magnetic. In addition to offering differently themed club nights during the week, Webster Hall also hosts a number of talented artists who play live on stage every weekend. While the modern allure of Webster Hall has made it one of NYC’s top venues, many are unaware that the building itself can trace its roots back to 1886, the nightclub a living testament to the history of New York.

The Cup

This Brooklyn bar is a bit of a staple and is a great place to head any day of the week or weekend. With bands playing on a regular basis you are bound to find something to enjoy at this venue. The staff here are sensational providing amazing service all while having a great time. Food is also a huge attraction of this venue with a delicious menu of late night bites, you have to have the chilli cheese fires when you go. 

No. 41 Oak

While adrenaline-pumping clubs may attract some party-goers; others prefer the speakeasy-like attitude of No. 41 Oak. This bar is often frequented by prominent celebrities and is invitation-only on Friday and Saturday nights. Perhaps one of the most talked-about New York bars, there will be times when waiting outside for hours may be necessary to get in as occupancy codes are strictly adhered to.

Although these clubs and bars may leave you partying until the early hours, New York boasts a world-class range of hotels to unwind after a big night out. The subway system normally runs throughout the night so it is always easy to reach your hotel, even if it further than walking distance away.

In the city that never sleeps,clubberswill dance into the early hours. Book a local hotel room in New York now and join them on the dance floor.

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