The Pros and Cons of Owning a Holiday Home

Owning a holiday home is certainly a fulfilling venture and one that huge amounts of people dream of.

It needn’t be a dream though, as a lot of holiday properties in Britain and abroad are surprisingly affordable and a growing number are investing in their own home from home.

Enjoy a home from home

No needs to worry about a hotel you’ve booked over the internet. No turning up to find that your ‘sea view’ is in fact a large, stagnant pond.

Decorate the way you like, use your own washing powder to clean your bed sheets, take your pets with you on holiday…

Home comforts are a definite pro of your new holiday home!

A little extra cash!

When you’ve paid for your holiday property, you’ve just made a pretty smart investment choice.

If you’ve bought in one of the popular UK holiday destinations like the Lake District or sunny Cornwall, you could think about renting to holidaymakers when you’re busy at work.

You could generate a lot of extra income – it might even pay for your next holiday! Or your next holiday home!

Handpick your hols

Everyone wants to get back to their favourite destination once in a while, and finding a hotel without paper walls and enough room for the family can be a chore.

Pick your favourite getaway spot and invest in something right on the doorstep to cut out the middle man (who’s idea of a restful night includes a lumpy bed and an itchy duvet!).

Unfortunately, owning a beautiful home from home take some work and comes with responsibilities. It’s not all fun and games, but nothing that you can’t handle, right?

Ongoing maintenance

Maintenance work doesn’t come for free unless you’re a multi-tasking super person with plumbing experience and fairly substantial utility belt.

We can’t all DIY so you might have to put some money away for repairs and all manner of unexpected fees like renovations and upkeep.

It’s just not for everybody

If you love returning to the same destination every year then there couldn’t be anything better. But for those who like to travel, see the world and explore everything this planet has to offer then you might not want to exclusively visit the Lakes for the rest of your life.

Consistency is great for some, and not so dandy for others.

Which camp do you fall in to?

Why don’t you take a look at the huge range of luxury and affordable holiday homes at and see if any of their gorgeous properties could tempt you to the holiday life…


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