The River Safari, Singapore – the Planet’s Largest Freshwater Aquarium

Want to see the magnificent Pandas that lay on the sandy floors and under the tall Bamboo trees? Wish to hold the tiny African Hedgehogs and take a picture with it? Or does your wish list extends to watch out the alligators swimming, pelicans kissing each other, red pandas playing, squirrel monkeys jumping and the monster catfishes peddling with their fins? Your hunt ends here, quench your thirst for the animal love only in Singapore.

Singapore is already being an animal protector, that holds the best organized zoo, world’s largest Oceanarium and a number of small animal welfare associations. To this growing list, the country adds an extra dosage – the River Safari.

The River Safari is a new river based wildlife park, which again grabs the title the largest‘. This time it can indeed hold the title the newest, as this is a freshwater nature themed aquarium that shelters wildlife from eight different rivers of the world.

The 30 acres park has creatures from the Mekong River, Yangtze River, the Mississippi River, the Amazon River, the Ganges River, the River Nile, the Murray River and the Congo River. This park is being a safe haven for more than 500 species – the rarer to see anacondas, salt and pepper styled pandas, electric eels (yes! charge my iPod), manatees, macaques, binturongs, jaguars, anteaters, prairie dogs, Brazilian tapirs, river otters, turtles and more.

Though Singaporeans were waiting a long run to enter this wonderland, the wait is actually worthwhile, as there are unexpected things to see, experience and enjoy. It was a cool Wednesday, on 3rd of April 2013 that this freshwater dream land opened its gates to the world. People felt excited entering the long-awaited river park, and had got a lifetime experience for themselves to remember and to share with their friends. Was it that interesting and innovative? And the answer went positive. Won’t you jump with the squirrel monkeys if they have a forest reserved for them, yes it’s ‘the Squirrel Monkey Forest’. How would it be, when you get to explore the Amazon Flooded Forest’ with lots of animals from the Amazon River sheltered under this theme park just for you to take a glance. If at all it happens to take a boat ride on the Amazon River Quest and encounter various endangered species? But the boat ride will be possibly available from this year end. Walk along the sign board that indicates Giant Panda Forest’ which was opened on 29th of November 2012. This romantic forest is where the Panda heroes and heroines compose their duet songs.

The park opens at 9.00 am, and closes at 6.00 pm (local times). Fares are fair! (approximate prices) 28 US dollars for adults and 23 for children under twelve. And for above 60’s it would cost 17.50 $. These prices will be coming into existence once the boat rides are open. At present, the tickets are available with a discount, which will cost USD 20 for adults, 13 for the children and 10 for the seniors (60’s).

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