This is How the Adventurous Do Hawaii

Adrenaline pumping junkies find numerous activities on the islands that create a memorable experience.


When looking for adventure on the water, Oahu remains a prime location. Surfers regularly flock to Waimea Bay where the waves roar and crash. With 112 miles of shoreline, this is the place to be to experience surfing at it’s finest. The massive waves off the North Shore attract many during the winter months. Even novice surfers have the opportunity to catch a wave as facilities provide first class instruction in the tranquil waters of Waikiki.


Water based adventure options also include the possibility of exploring the Big Island while aboard a kayak. Travel down a lazy river or around the scenic Kona Coast. Choose from guided or self-guided tours, depending on individual level of experience. Take to the deep waters and find a calm spot for viewing the humpback whales and spinner dolphins that frequent the island. Paddle to a secluded cave or to a perfect snorkeling destination. The historical Kohala Ditch System offers another kayaking adventure. Beginning at the top of the Kohala Mountains, kayakers paddle downward past earth tunnels and amazing scenery on this unique water flume. 

Horseback Riding

Equestrian enthusiasts travel to Maui for horseback riding adventures. Hawaiian cowboys make their home here and the island features a number of family owned ranches that take guests on excursions while providing a bit about the history of the paniolo. Then journey to the top of Haleakala, which is the tallest peak on Maui. Explore the magnificent landscapes in the Haleakala National Park via specialized tours.


Enjoy an exhilarating ride downhill into the Waimea Canyon on Kauai. The 12-mile journey follows a paved route that passes through the Koke’s and Waimea State Parks, which includes cycling along the edge of the picturesque Waimea Canyon. The ten mile long canyon spans one mile wide in some locations and falls to a depth of approximately 3,000 feet. Mark Twain aptly nicknamed the site the “Grand Canyon of the Pacific.” While breezing down the road, guests have the chance to see spectacular landscape and stop for a photographic moment or two at designated lookout points.


The island also provides parasailing opportunities at various destinations. Guests spend approximately one hour aboard a boat that sails to specific locations. Launched from the back of the boat while safely harnessed, passengers soar to heights of 300 to 500 feet above the water’s surface. Parasailing equipment accommodates one or two riders simultaneously. As the ride ends, boat staff reel the glider gently back onto the back of the watercraft.

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