Three Ways a Holiday Home Tops a Hotel, Every Time!

For a good 99% of the UK population, a holiday means a stay in either a hotel or a B&B – that’s about where the buck starts and stops. Understandable of course as the standard hotel has become the everyday staple across the length and breadth of the UK, meaning that most rarely consider any other options on the table…or for that matter know that there are other options to begin with.

There are indeed other options and the one that’s just starting to catch on as a worthy alternative is that of the holiday home. Now, on the surface you’d be forgiven for thinking that a holiday home about ten-times the size of a hotel room wold probably be offered for about ten-times the price, but this really isn’t the case. Quite to the contrary in fact and when considering what you actually get for your money, holiday homes are by far and wide some of the most appealing choices on the UK holiday market today.

Need more convincing? Consider the following and maybe opt for the alternative next time around:


Say what you will about even the best hotel rooms in the UK, but none of them offer the full range of conveniences and amenities that you get at home. By contrast, a holiday home is indeed a full-scale home and thus delivers a total package unlike any other option you’ll find today. From fully fitted kitchens to multiple bathrooms to spacious sleeping areas and well-stocked living rooms, what you’re looking at is not an interpretation of home from home, but an actual home from home. And let’s face it – given the fact that you don’t know what the Great British weather has in store, the latter makes the far better choice for whiling away any rainy days that come along.


Next up, hotels fill up in a heartbeat months ahead of peak seasons and can be really tricky to come by. And assuming you’re on the market to not be ripped off and taken for a ride while still enjoying decent enough quality, scoring a hotel at a peak time of year can be a nightmare. However, as holiday homes are still by rights considered a niche alternative, they are to some extent overlooked by the masses and are thus so much easier to secure booking for at any time of the year – peak season or otherwise.


And finally, though admittedly perhaps the biggie of the three, on a per-person basis it is almost impossible to find a luxury holiday home that isn’t vastly cheaper than the equivalent accommodation in a hotel or apartment block. Groups and families in particular stand to save absolute fortunes by sharing holiday homes instead of booking multiple hotel rooms, while at the same time revelling in a package of luxuries the likes of which can take any holiday to the next level. Score an off-season deal and you might just feel like you’re getting away with daylight robbery!


About Author: Jason Hardy is a full-time father of four and fanatical about travel, having become a regular at Crylla Cottages in Cornwall and other family-friendly havens across the UK. 

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