Tips for Long-Distance Car Rides with Your Dog

Whether you’re taking a vacation or moving across the country, driving with a dog that is not used to car rides can be incredibly stressful. If a dog has never been in a car before or even on a leash, it’s absolutely essential to get the animal trained before taking him or her in the car.

You might simply be taking a short car ride to the local park for your dog to play with other canines, or relocating to another home. Whatever the case, you should make use of the following tips to make the ride easier for both of you.

Make sure the dog is accustomed to wearing a leash

If you’re taking a long-distance trip, you’re going to have to stop every two or three hours to walk your dog. This allows your companion to stretch his or her legs, get some fresh air, and relieve the bladder so your canine can stay comfortable on the trip.

If your dog has never been walked on a leash before, your first job is going to be to get the critter used to a collar and lead. Start out by putting a collar on the dog and allowing the animal time to get used to it. Make sure the collar is the right size so the dog will not be able to wiggle out of it.

You’re also going to want to get a leash that has both a short and long lead on it. Short-lead leashes are ideal for keeping a firm grasp on the dog close to the collar, which enables you to retain more control in case your pet gets a little out of hand.

Once the dog is used to a collar, take him or her for walks around your property and then around the neighborhood. The goal is to gets the animal accustomed to being around other people and animals.

By getting your companion used to local walks, the dog will be more likely to do well when it comes time to take a stroll at rest stops along your road trip.

Getting a dog used to the car

Your next step is to help your dog get used to being in the car. One of the most important things to remember is to make sure your animal always has access to fresh water throughout the trip.

You should also feed your dog regularly, but don’t supply food to the animal all the time. Many dogs have a tendency to get car sick, and this can become a real problem if you’re going on a very long drive.

The best way to get your dog used to the car is to starting by taking him or her for short trips around the block. This lets the critter know that there’s nothing to be afraid of in the car.

Once the dog is used to short trips, you can take him or her for longer drives to foster a comfort level with longer periods in the vehicle. This should help most animals enough so that a long-distance trip will be as stress-free as possible.


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