Tips For Staying Healthy While Traveling

There’s nothing worse than being sick when you’re out traveling on a vacation. “Why me?” you think to yourself, sniffling or coughing, chugging water and throwing back aspirin trying to get your fever down. Well, there’s probably not a great reason for being, just good luck, but in the future, you can give yourself a better shot at keeping healthy during your travels by following a few easy steps – give yourself a healthy ramp up, check out news reports of the areas that you’re going, and also give yourself a quick history lesson on how certain diseases spread.

Give Yourself a Healthy Ramp Up

Yes, you want to be healthy all the time, and you want to have good health habits as a routine, but if you know you are going to be traveling, kick it up a notch the few weeks before you take off. This means drinking extra water, tapering off on the booze, and watching your ratio of protein, carbs, and fats. Think of it as a pre-tourism regimen so that your mind and body are good to go when you head out on that plane, train, or automobile.

Look At News Reports

Check out the news of the place you are heading to. If there are news reports of sickness outbreaks – flu, measles, whooping cough, whatever – then make sure you avoid the areas those flare-ups are centered on. Pick designations where you aren’t going to catch something by proximity. Remember, you don’t just want to feel great when you get to your destination – you want to feel great as you are leaving as well. Local news broadcasts can potentially give you a little bit of extra warning about health conditions so you won’t be surprised once you get there.

Research Epidemics Related To Travel

Before taking off on your vacation, take a moment to look into the history of the spread of certain diseases as well. No, we are not in WWI times anymore, but there are still lessons to be learned about how health concerns are spread, and it’s no big deal for you to do some quick research. By having some actual facts under your belt, you might also be able to avoid some of the panicky behavior that has shown it’s ugly head with some recent situations in Africa and Asia.

Your experience while traveling can be drastically different depending on whether you are healthy or not, and whether you can stay healthy. It’s always good to generally stick with habits that will keep you healthy all the time, but especially when there is the stress of travel in the mix, you are much more susceptible to coming down with a real bummer of a cold

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