Top 10 Places to Get Budget Travel Tips

I love everything about budget travel. I love the experience of it. I love getting better and better at it as time goes on. And I love learning as much as I can about how to save money on traveling by getting advice from people who are even better at it than I am.

I get budget travel advice from a wide range of different sources. The ten best places that I’ve found for getting budget travel tips are:

My friends and family. I tend to surround myself with people who also enjoy traveling and who also need to save money. The conversations that I have with these people are my favorite source for new budget travel ideas.

Budget travel blogs. I specifically look for blogs that are related to budget travel. There are great general travel blogs and great blogs on frugality. There are also great specific blogs on niche topics like hotel specials. However, the blogs that are about the whole general topic of traveling frugally are the best resource for this information.

Travel news sources. I go to standard news sources like CNN and Yahoo! News and scour the stories there for hints on budget travel. These news sources have been particularly helpful regarding budget travel since the recession began.

Twitter. I love Twitter! It’s a great source for getting up-to-date budget travel tips. You have to find the right people to follow on the site but that’s getting easier and easier as the site improves. Look for existing Twitter lists related to budget travel and just follow those!

Travel Booking Sites. I don’t necessarily book all of my travel through these sites but they’re a great resource for getting information and tips about reducing the cost of travel. This is one of the best resources I’ve found for getting tips about getting good deals on hotels.

Travel magazines and women’s magazines. These two types of magazines both frequently feature articles about budget travel. Hint: Look at back issues in the library for tips instead of paying for the latest issue at the newsstands.

Travel guides. There are several publishers that put out budget travel guides for specific locations. These books are a great source of low-cost travel information to specific destinations.

Forums. To be honest I have a lot of trouble finding the best forums for this topic but I know that they’re out there. I think forums are a great way to connect with other people about all types of topics so I continue looking for the right ones about this topic.

Facebook. Whenever I have a question about budget travel I always ask my Facebook friends. They never fail to give me some kind of creative answer.

My own brain. Staying in touch with myself and using common sense have really helped me learn more about budget travel as I go.

Where do you get the best information about budget travel?

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