Top 3 Grand Prix Races in the World

If you are thinking of travelling to see a Grand Prix race then here are the very best three to see around the World.

Monaco Grand Prix

Number one has to be the Monaco Grand Prix. It is the darling of the Jet Set and attracts a wealth of celebrities each and every year. The tiny Principality of Monaco is less than 2 square miles across, and yet it holds more wealth than some very large countries.

There is a wide variety of choices on how to watch the race. You could enjoy the spectacle from the elite tented village of Paddock Club, or atop a wide choice of balconies that give you views over great swathes of Monaco circuit. Or, best of all, aboard a gleaming white multimillion pound SuperYacht in Berth A, which looks out over the main straight, chicane and tunnel exit.

Monaco also offers a glimpse into the world of the Super Rich, and the opulent surroundings of Monte Carlo are a fantastic place to spend a few days. There are plenty of reasonable accommodations outside of Monaco for those of us who don’t have millions in the bank too!

Abu Dhabi Grand Prix

Abu Dhabi is a spectacularly amazing place on so many levels. The Arab Emirates have been pumping oil money into Abu Dhabi to create a second wave of wealth by creating a tourist infrastructure.

Not only does the Abu Dhabi Yas Marina Circuit look like something out of a sci-fi film, but the whole place is exploding with majestic architecture and fun filled activities. Come for the race but stay for the place – it is truly breathtaking.

The harbour here is also lined with Super Yachts like at the Monaco Grand Prix and the circuit hugs the edge of the harbour, giving a bird’s eye view to the spectators on deck.

Italian Grand Prix

The Monza F1 in the suburbs of Milan is a great location for thrill-seekers both on and off the track. When the race has ended you can go and feast your eyes on the Last Supper by Leonardo Da Vinci or walk on the roof of the Duomo.

There is plenty of things to do in Milan, with wonderful architecture and fantastic shopping, as well as beautiful spas, so there is enough to make everyone happy.

Many people want to go with family or loved ones to see a Grand Prix and often it is only one person who is a big race fan. By combining great locations with thrilling grand prix travel you find a harmonious balance where everybody is happy.

Author Bio: Barnaby is an F1 Travel expert organising Grand Prix Tours to the Monaco Grand Prix and every other Grand Prix Race around the World.


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