Top 4 Greeny, Grassy and Leafy Attractions of Kuala Lumpur

Kuala Lumpur, the capital of Malaysia is famed for its glistening nightclubs and lavish shopping malls. The city adds adventure to your daily life, flavors to your platter of breakfast or dinner, joy to your shopping and sightseeing activities and indeed peace to your heart and soul. The peace and the airiness are actually felt when discovering its forest reserves and hill stations. As you constantly look KL in a contemporary style, this time make some alterations to your plan and look it in a greeny way, so that you can have a fresh and healthy holiday.

1. Tabur Hill is one of the cleanest and freshest places in the city with hiking as the main activity. Bukit Tabur is steep and slippery, but there are guides to come along your path and show you all the interesting parts of the activity. One can fetch a taxi from the Taman Melati LRT station, and reach here in a quarter hour.

Tips – Carry as many water bottles you will need, as there are a little shop around. Weekends are obviously busy, so be prepared.

2. Templer Park is another leafy place in the city which can be reached via public transport as well as a private one. There is a great waterfall where the flow seems to be fresh and clean. One can drench in these showers and also can immerse oneself in the man-made huge pool. Lots of monkey neighbors and trees and plants are there.

Tips – Beware of monkey pirates, they may rob your belongings.

3. Gabai Waterfall is a wonderful mesmerizing nature designed attraction where one can make himself soaked in the magical drops of the fall which comes from the mountain top, holding all the minerals and freshness. While you dip yourself under the blessed showers, it washes away your wooziness and rejuvenate your muscles and mind.

Tips – Extremely crowded during the holidays, plan to visit on a weekday.

4. Bukit Nanas Forest Reserve is another jungle haven to escape the metro life. It’s actually a forest reserve with large trunked trees that are indeed tall. One can enjoy the clean forest by walking on the grassy floors, climbing on the hanging spring bridge and have a nice time with your family members.

Tips – a lot of insects and mosquitoes are found, so drop an insect repellent in your bag.

One can thoroughly rejoice his holidays by choosing a nice accommodation and hotel of Furama Bukit Bintang Kuala Lumpur, from where you can reach the forestries easily.

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