Top 5 Activity Weekends in Catalonia

If you are thinking about going away for an activity weekend, Catalonia has an array of options. Here, we will explore five of these weekends in more detail.

Catfish Fishing in Catalonia

The River Ebro is one of the most famous rivers for catfish fishing. With catfish over 100lb the norm, this is one of the best places in the world to fish. Even first-time  fishers have reportedly caught catfish in excess of 200 lb’s, and this makes this type of event different from other fishing weekends.

The Horizontes in Catalonia

If you want a real ‘activity’ weekend make sure you visit Horizontes in Viella. The centre provides a range of activities from climbing to mountain biking, from rafting to archery and even paragliding if you feel up to it. This means that all of your adventure needs could be covered in one place.

Theme Park Tour of Catalonia

A great weekend in Catalonia could be spent touring some of the local theme parks. Theme parks in the area like SphereMania will get your adrenalin to pump as you roll down a hill inside a giant ball. After this you could go on to Portaventura Park or Portaventura Aquapark. Both parks were once part of the Universal group.

Mountain Biking in Catalonia

The Catalan Pyrenees are perfect for mountain biking. The best thing about mountain biking here is that there are hundreds of ‘pre-set’ routes for people of different experience levels.  All the routes clearly detail how far you will travel, how long it should take and the difficultly of the route as well.

Five a Side Football Tour around Catalonia

The Spanish love a game of football just as much as the English, and if you are thinking about going on an adventure weekend a five a side football tour could be ideal. You can spend the first day learning from some official Barcelona or Espanyol (the two main teams in the area) clinics then on the second day you could set up a tournament. Alternatively, you can organise an 11-a-side tour if you can get the players.

Travel/Logistics to Catalonia

Travelling anywhere in Spain from the UK is simple and cost effective. The region of Catalonia has two major international airports; Barcelona El Prat and Girona-Costa Brava Airport. Barcelona and Girona-Costa airports handle roughly 40 million people per annum with Barcelona accommodating a large majority of these flights. Travel to these areas is inexpensive because carriers like Ryanair, Easyjet and Monarch provide a wide range of low cost flights to Spain from the UK. Travel from London to Barcelona takes approximately 2 hours and 15 minutes, which means that a weekend break is always an option.

Activity weekends in Catalonia are ideal because they are inexpensive. Furthermore, the weather is usually much better than the UK and because the activity market has exploded in the area there is always something to suit.

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