Top 5 Indian Restaurants in London

If you have ever visited London, you can easily realize that London is a blend of people belonging to different countries, cultures and values. Since people share diverse background, their likes, dislikes and preferences are also different, especially if we talk about cuisine and eating pattern .Along with other regions, a large number of Indians also resides in London. In fact it would not be wrong to say that Indians are in majority in some of the cities of London. Despite of having so many cultures, especially Indian, London has always fulfilled the cuisine demands of each and every community.

Indian cuisine is highly popular even in London. You would come across a chain of Indian restaurants in almost every city of London, serving typical Indian cuisine, including traditional Indian dishes, desserts and drinks. Let’s have a look some most famous Indian restaurants in London.

1. Indian Lounge

Located at 343 Gray’s Inn Road, Indian Lounge restaurant is a perfect blend of rich Indian royal culture and modern British style. The signature dishes include Karahi, Tikka, fish, biryani, Rajma, and many more. If you like spicy food, it is the best eating place to check out. Along with signature dishes, a range of typical Indian desserts and drinks are also served in Royal Indian atmosphere.2. Chutney Raj:

Located on the same Gray’s Inn Road, chutney Raj is another typical Indian restaurant, offering take away, delivery and dine in services for Indian food lovers, especially. It is one of the most popular restaurants among Indians living in London. Ranging from traditional Indian signature dishes like Thepla, Rajma, Chicken Tandoori, etc to delicious Indian desserts. For variety seeking Indian food lovers, it is one of the most suitable eating places in London.

3. Moti Mahal:

If you want to experience a classical Indian culture feel and atmosphere, with delightful Indian cuisine, then must visit Moti Mahal. Located at 45 Great Queen street, London, the restaurant is famous for its signature Indian dishes including Kashmiri rogan josh with its toasted fennel spicing, and the tartness of Goan fish curry, redolent with coconut, red chillies and tamarind.Kebabs are superior too. Gilafi seekhs – crushed minced lamb, seasoned with cardamom and mace before being bent around skewers and grilled over coals – worked well with lime-drenched cucumber wedges.

4. Amaya:

Amaya, a modern Indian restaurant, located at Halkin Arcade, Motcomb Street, is the perfect picture of modern India culture and cuisine. Here the menu is a remarkable line-up of classy tapas-sized morsels, along with additional substantial curries.

The signature dishes include kebabs, prawns cloaked in a smoky, peppery marination; lime-drenched grouper covered in pandan leaves; and rose-petal and chilli chicken bites.

5. Indian YMCA:

Indian YMCA, located at 41 Fitzroy Square is especially suitable for the students who love Indian Cuisine. Although it is not as giant like other Indian restaurants however it’s amazing delicious typical Indian touch included in curries, chutneys and useful fruit desserts are displayed on plates at the open kitchen, makes it the one of the top most priorities for food lovers.

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